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UNGER, BILL(69-73)- Lived all over the Eastern US since Graduating from ACS. Been in South Florida since 1983.I'm an Investment Advidor Representative and Branch Manager for John Hancock Financial Services in Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, FL married (1985), son (1988), divorced (1991), re-married (1999). I think and kindly remember growing up in Athens and wish that I could duplicate the experience for my son. "Life's been good to me so far" - Joe Walsh

VAGNINA, STEVE(?-70)-  (aka Sgt. Sunshine). Graduated from ACS in 1970....B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Virginia in 1974 and a Masters Degree in Religious Studies from UVA in 1976. Moved to Monterey, California in 1976 where I now reside. I work as a property appraiser for the County of Monterey Assessor's Office specializing in the appraisal of Resort Hotels ands golf courses. I have been writing a weekly music column for 9 years and I own my own music management and promotion company (SLV Music Management) which specializes in the development of blues and jazz acts. In 1990 I married my best friend Cynthia and we have two beautiful girls, Layla (14 1/2) and Skylar (5).

VAN RYN, HENRI F.(?-'75)- Corinthian- Currently lives in New York City and works for federated Department Stores (Macys-Herald Square). Embracing all things C(c)ultural he enjoys as much of life in the Big Apple as can fit into schedule; activities range from helping to run the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, to attending all genres of the performing and the fine Arts, cultural/ethnic/civic festivals, and various sporting events, and to indulging in the many fine cusines of the world(which he does at the varied restaurants of the City and in his travels around the world). Henri left ACS in 1975 and attended Duke University where he earned a double degree in Biology and History. At Tulane University in New Orleans, he finished a joint Masters degree in Business and Health Adminstration. Most of his career to date has been as a hospital administrator (Marketing/PR/Strategic Planning) for both public and private hospitals as well as for the British National Health Service in London. His forays into other endeavors include: property development, travel, and investments. Not stopping the precedent he established at ACS, he donates lots of time, energy and money to various causes and organizations. "

VASSILIADIS, DAPHNE(67-79)-  I started ACS in first grade - 1967 and graduated from ACS in 1979. I went to the University of Florida and graduated in 1983. I moved to Los Angeles in 1984. I work for Sony Pictures Entertainment as Director of Operations, Post Production Services. I'm in touch with many ACS alumni - many of which I saw as recently as this summer in Greece. My email address at home is:
work is:

Vassiliades, Xenia(?-83)- I graduated from ACS in 1983. Attended the University of Illinois in chicago where I received a BS degree in marketing/entreprenurial studies. Since then I have held a number of jobs started off from trading for myself on the floor at the chicago board of trade, then worked for Merrill Lynch in Chicago, then moved to London to work for Credit Suisse in the treasury department , then moved to greece (95-97) to head the treasury sales team at ABN AMRO Bank and have now moved back to London for Bayerische Vereinsbank to head the Institutional sales team for the bank again in the treasury department. It has been fun and exciting moving around and although I am now living in London, who knows what the world has in store? Still single as it is difficult to maintain a realtionship moving from country to country like I have been lately. I did live in chicago for 9 years though. I do keep in touch with a few ACS people. Marina Lavis who was in ACS (82) lives in Milwaukee, wisconsin has 2 children(Alexandra and Jason) and is a fund manager, quite successful and a super mom. Let me know if you would like to get intouch with her and I will also have her contact you as well as she keeps up with people also.


VELLITRI, PAUL(-?-68)-Works at the National Institute of Health and lives in Bethesda, Md.

VINY, ALAIN(?-?)- Alain has been happily married and living in Salt Lake City for the past three years.  He is a restaurant manager and spends his free time fly fishing and camping out in the mountains.  His lovely wife, Noelle, will make him a father sometime in the spring of '98.  Alain and Noelle visited Greece last June and had a great time.  Alain still speaks fluent Greek and gets to use it from time to tome in the USA.(father's words)

VLAHOPOULOS, BASIL(?-68)- Died April 29, 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He had been afflicted for about 10 years with multiple sclerosis. He earned his doctorate's degree from the University of Cincinnati in counseling in 1986.

VLAHOPOULOS(O'HEARN),MARIA(?-69)- Lives in Norfolk, VA with three children and husband. I teach AP Government in a large urban high school. I look forward to hearing from ACSers at Visit my photo album.


WANLESS, LARRY(?-74)- Larry works as an air traffic controller and lives with his wife and three children outside of Houston.

WARLING, JEFF(72-75)- I was at ACS from 1972 thru 1975........7th thru 9th grades. I graduated from Granada Hills HS in California in 1978. I got a BS in Engr from UCLA, and a MS in Engr from USC. I now own my own structural engineering consulting business.  During my ACS days, we lived in Papagou, and often visited the "American Club" in Kifissia. We rode bus #13. A few names come to mind......Evan Nass, French brothers, Alex Papadimitriou,,,,I am sure there is more, but I would have to get out my year book, and it is packed away somewhere.

WARLING, MARK(72-74)- I attended ACS for two years and graduated from ACS in 1974, was sort of a tall skinny nerd type in high school. Sat in the back of Chris Alexander's bus to Papagou, where we lived. Hung around with Evan Nass(opoulos?) and the mischievious French boys. Dated Kitty Kaliher (sp?) a couple of times during the end of my senior year, and we started riding the bus together every day, but I was such a nerd then, that it never went anywhere. Then on to California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California (Cal-Poly), where I majored (BS) in Civil Engineering. Had way too much fun while in college, so I managed to take almost 6 years to get a 4 year degree. Actually, I was working nearly full-time during my later college years, so I stretched out my junior and senior class load. Worked for various employers in Southern California for a while, and got licensed as a Civil Engineer in both California and Nevada. Lived in Las Vegas for a few years, got married in 1989 and moved back to Simi Valley, California, where we and her teenage kids lived happily for a few years. Never had any kids of my own, by choice! Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last, and after several years, with the kids grown up and off to college, we were divorced in 1995. So I moved back to Las Vegas, and am now working for myself, mostly in Civil Engineering land development, and am no longer a nerd. I like many kinds of outdoor sports activities.
     Meanwhile, I have earned a private pilot's license, but just fly Cessnas and Ultralights for fun. I am still single, and enjoying that lifestyle, for now. I have won a few gambling tournaments over the years in Las Vegas, which was thrilling each time. Have lost all contact with everyone from ACS and Greece, and welcome any contacts now. If you remember me, give me a shout.  My E-mail address is
MWarling @ Snail mail address is P.O. Box 97774, Las Vegas, NV 89193-7774

WELDON, RICK(?-72)- I'm currently living in the San Francisco area, have my own automotive business, and still do a lot of travelling. Playing soccer weekly with one of the city leagues, going scuba diving, racing cars every once in a while. I was back in Greece in 1992 (unfortunately for my Dad's funeral) and haven't had the chance to go back since. If there's anyone out there from my era at ACS please drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you and to catch up. 25700 University Court #103 Hayward, CA 94542 Tel. (510) 786-0851 (w) (510) 889-8629 (h) (510) 186-1120 fax

WITHINGTON, MARGARET(?-59)- Margaret Withington-aka-Wiffy or Withy- Class of 1959. Yes,1959.Where are all the old foogies? I am at Wiffy56 @ Hotmail.Com.I live in the SF Bay Area now and miss those times in Kiffisia.I have been a notorious underacheiver since then.Etsi einai zoe.

Mark lives in LA and operates Wolper Productions.



WOODFORD, SUSAN(82-86)- I've been living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada since leaving Athens in 1986. I studied photojournalism at college and have worked as a Reporter/photojournalist for seven years. I got married in 1993 and had my first child, a daughter, in July '97. The bitter winters in Ottawa make me long to return to Greece! I'd love to hear from old friends and fellow '86 grads.

YANNOPOULOS(BUFFUM), DIANA Y(69-73)- I went to Bryn Mawr College after I graduated from ACS, and got a degree in Economics in 1977. Much to my father's dismay, I decided not to go back to Greece when I graduated. I lived in the Philadephia area for a number of years, where I eventually met and married a terrific guy, Jay Buffum, in 1983. We now live in New Jersey, and have two great kids. Jeff (born 1986)is a steady kid but funny, and is into computers, tennis and ice hockey. Joanna (born 1988) is very bubbly but thoughtful too, and loves to write. I've been working since I graduated from college - got into the telecom industry, mostly in sales and sales management. I found I had a knack for sales, but eventually got tired of having a sales quota, so I switched fields in 2000. I now (7/01) work for Cisco Systems, as a consultant to companies who want help developing and executing an e-Business strategy. It's a lot of fun and a challenge, especially now. I get back to Greece every couple of years, but hav!
en't connected with anyone from ACS in a long time. I think about ACS and the friends I made there, especially now that my kids are high school age. I was convinced I'd never find most of you again - so I'm delighted that the Internet has made this possible! Drop me a line - I'd love to hear from you.

ZACHARY, PAM(?-70)-Teaches 2nd grade in Washington state

ZAFER, SOPHIA(WORDEN) I go back to Greece as often as I can. I got married and had a beautiful daughter, Chloe...and am currently enjoying a successful real estate career. See my photo album. I look forward to hearing from other ACS people.