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KOKAS, DORIAN(?-72)- Dorian lives with his wife and teaches English in Athens between entrepreneurial endeavers.

KARAKONDIS, PETER(?-73)- Peter works for the United States Postal Service in San Diego, California.


KARAKOSTA, MITZI(?-73)- Mitzi lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and work as a cousellor in a secondary school.

KARAMABELAS(STARR), DEBBIE(66-69)- Returned to the U.S. and graduated from Boston University School of Nursing in 1974. Worked in D.C., moved to Baltimore until 1985, my husband and daughter moved to Severna Park, MD. On to Omaha, NE in 1990, where were are today. My husband is a child/adolescent psychiatrist and I am a clinical nurse specialist in child/adolescent psych. with my nurse practitioner credentials pending as we speak. We enjoy the midwest but miss the East Coast and family (parents, brother Nick and family in D.C. and New England inlaws)--we address our yearnings for the East by visiting when we can and eating lots of fresh seafood. Would love to hear from alumni or anyone from 1966-1969 at ACS. Everytime I explain my background or introduce myself, ACS and living abroad is a primary focus.Living in Greece and attending ACS in the late 60's influenced me more than I ever thought possible. I would love to compare notes with alumni or former contemporaries. We probably have more in commin than you think!! Regards and cheers.

KARAMABELAS, NICK(?-71)-attorney, lives and works in Washington, D.C. and NYC -

KATSURUBAS, CHUCK-  Chuck is married with kids and works as a travel agent in the DC area.

KAUSHIK, NEHA(?-1996)- I passed out from ACS in 1996 and then shifted to Delhi, India. I am majoring in

KEELEY, CHRIS(?-68)- I went to ACS in 6th grade that would be 1968 or so Then I went there after being evacuated from Uganda for 9th grade I was enrolled for only One week in 1973/1974 I blew up the water fountain  during flag football practise in sixth grade . Now I am a Social Worker for D,C Human Services Child and Family Services In Washington DC I am an award winning Artist with exhibits in Thessalonki , Athens , Paris Washington DC Baltimore. My Website Http://

KEENE, SCOT M.(85-87)-  I graduated in 1987. Since then I have lived in Carbondale,IL. I got married April 1,1996 to Catherine Simmons of Chicago. I currently work for GTE. I can be reached at  by regular mail at 1214 E. Pleasant Hill Rd. # 5, Carbondale, IL 62901 or my E-mail address of

KENNEDY, KERRY(68-72)-I'm just gonna say thanks to Mr. Green and Ms. Young for getting in touch with me. Short story ... left Greece; went to college; met Becky; moved to Colorado; Erin born Feb.1977; great kid; me and B split up; came out; ups and downs for -what- thirty years? Looking for Chris Hightower and Phil Weiss. Thanks to Mitchell Kief for the '73 Evzone. Hello to Sharon H. and Aleasha C.(my step-daughter is called Alisha!) I've used my 50 words. Hello to Katrina, Terri, Stella, Sandra (think about you all the time and hope you're well). To anyone out there: Go to Vegas next year. 1. Love to see any and all. 2. Don't want to be the oldest thing there.

KIEF, MITCHELL(69-73)- Always happy to hear from old friends and classmates! Drop me a line: mkief at msn dot com(You'll have to do some deciphering to send an email- but copy the email address, paste it in the "to" box of your email to be sent, replace "at" with "@", "dot" with "." , get rid of all blank spaces, fill in the subject and then add to the body of the email all the things you've been dying to tell Mitch for the last 35 years, hit send... and then wait for your reply- it won't be automatic, so be patient. The ed.....)

KISHNANI,RAHUL(92-93)- I studied in this school for just one year. I would have graduated in 1994 but I had to suddenly shift back to india. I just did my Junior Grade in ACS. I'm presently doing my Computer Eng. in Bombay, India ( My hometown). Currently I'm in the final year. and I will graduate with the Bachelor's degree next year.

KLIMETZ, S(67-69)-I attended school there from 1967 till 1969 (6th and 7th).

KOHN, ROBERT ALEXANDER(83-87)- My brother Aaron also attended the same years but did not graduate from ACS. I am now living in Atlanta and my brother is living in D.C.. I am an attorney and my brother just started his MBA at Georgetown University. As to fellow members of the class of 87. Cindee Pazuros is out in Los Angeles as is Ken Sloan. Chris Kypriotis is also out in California in Orange County.

KOSMIDES, GREGORY(?-93)- I am currently in Boston attending Boston University for my Masters degree. I graduated from ACS 1993. It is very exciting that ACS has finally gotten a web page and I would love to be included in your index of alumni. There are a few other friends from ACS here in boston and we get together all the time.

KOROVESSIS, JIM(69-73)- Lives in Montreal, Canada, is married with two boys and works for Orlecon Aerospace

KOROVESSIS, BELINA(69-78)- Married to Peter Makris (78), works at ACS as Admissions and Alumni Coordinator. She and Peter have two children at ACS and Peter has his own business equipment co. and they own shares of two Mexican Restaurants in Halandri.

KOROVESSIS, MARIA(69-75)- Lives in Cambridge, Canada and owns and operates her own graphics firm. Is married and has two girls

KOUMANAKOS, DEMETRE(?-80)Lives in Ekali, Married with Anna, one baby boy 13 months old named Andreas, Works in Intracom SA Hellenic Telecommunications and Electronics Industry as European Union Development Programmes Project Coordinator since 1990.

KRESS, JIM(?-74)-  I now live in Falls Church, Va., with my three boys, Thomas, Matt, and Bryan. We are about twenty minutes outside of Washington, D.C. This is a beautiful area, especially in the spring and fall. Outside of the usual ' dad stuff,' I am still involved in music, inviting outside musicians to play with the core group I've been with since my return to this area in 1976! For work, I install and maintain data circuits for Bell Atlantic, one of several jobs I've had there. In the years after ACS, I've worked on a luxury yacht, been a student, bank teller, nurseryman, and done landscape construction I attended ACS for only one year, but I really felt like one of the ' family.' My time in Athens, and in Europe was a real experience, and it's been great when I've run into former students and other friends. Besides calls or an occasional letter, I've seen people in fast food restaurants, and probably the biggest surprise was spotting someone in the crowd leaving a Led Zeppelin concert in ' 76, at what is now the USAIR arena. Well, uh, yes that was some time ago!

KRODEL(BROSKY), KATIE(69-70)- I went to ACS from 1969-70 for 7th grade. After travelling throughout Europe the summer of 1970, I returned to Phila. and graduated H.S there. I went to Wagner College on Staten Island, New York. Through Wagner, I spent a semester in Bregenz, Austria and was able to again travel through Europe and return to Greece that summer of 1977. I graduated Wagner with a B.S in Nursing. I served as the medical officer on an archeological expedition in eastern Turkey in 1982. I worked as a psychiatric nurse / psychotherapist in an outpt. psych clinic on Staten Island from 1979-1995, eventually becoming the administrative and clinical director. Married Robert Brosky in 1991. Megan was born in 1993, and Rebecca in 1995, and I adore them. We moved from the NYC metro area in 1995 to rural N.E. Pennsylvania. Since then, I have been a stay at home Mom, and loving it. I'm so happy to find the ACS website and would love to hear from classmates. Even though I was only there for 1 year, it was such an incredible time, one that I have never forgotten, and one of the best years of my life! Btw, I was Student Council President of the Middle School during my year there. RR3 Box 1680, Honesdale, PA 18431

LANTER, CHUCK-(76-78): I attended ACS for 7th through 9th grade from 1976 through 1978. I've never forgotten the time I spent there and would like to contact any old friends who still might remember me. 8-) Feel free to e-mail me at After leaving Athens, we were stationed at Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City, South Dakota. I graduated from Hish School there in 1981, and went on to get a BS in Chemistry from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in 1986. I married my wife, Barb, right after graduation. Since then I've been living in Eastern Idaho and working for a large food company as a Project Manager.


LARSON, VICKY(?-86)- I graduated ACS Athens in 1986. I now live in East Tawakoni, Texas, which is in Northeast Texas. I am a court clerk and utilities analyst for the city I live in. I have been married to Larry Turner for 6 years and no children.

LEIGHT, ED(?-?)- Ed is married, has a daughter and works as a contractor in the Chapel Hill area.  He and his wife Meredith love to sail.

LEO, LARRY(?-73)- Larry lives outside of Schenectady. He lives pretty far out in the country, he and his wife have horses and other different animals and of course if you knew anything about Larry he owns a candy apple redHarley. His email address is: Drop him a line if you get a chance!

LEO(Mcknight), TINA(?-71)- My husband and I live in Southern Maryland. I've been running a day care for years. I have 18yr. old twin daughters in their first year of college, Mandy goes to school inMaryland and Brianne goes to school at Winthrop University in S.C. Our 17yr. old daughter Beth is graduating from high school next spring. My
email address is:

LEWIS(ISOM), ANITA(?-74)- I graduated from ACS in June 1974. Left Athens November 1975. Went to San Diego to live with my sister whose husband was in the Navy and out to sea. After living in that fast lane for 9 months, I rejoined my parents in Spain. Left there in the fall of 1977 and went back to Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Lived there until summer of 1981, because my father went into a coma in March 1981 due to brain death after a botched operation at Duke University. He stayed in the coma until his death in February 1982.

Between the time of my father's coma and death, I married Wayne Isom from Guantanamo. We had been together since 1978, and had planned to marry. Wayne remained in Gitmo while I lived in North Carolina as we could not get housing on the base. I went to work civil service and continued to live with my mom to help take care of her.

Finally in 1984, Wayne was able to get housing in Gitmo so off I went. His two sons also came to live with us. We stayed in Gitmo until Sept of 1986 when the company he worked for moved to Yuma Arizona. I was pregnant at the time with my first child so instead of going to Yuma I came to NC to have my son. In January 1987, I moved with my son to Arizona. Stayed there five months - knew the marriage was not going to work - (Wayne liked to drink too much) - and came back to NC where I have lived with my son and mother ever since.

I work for Civil Service as a Personnel Management Specialist with the Human Resources Office at Cherry Point. Started out as a clerk in 1987 and have worked my way up. I enjoy my job, my son, my life. No remarriage - once was enough thank you.

LEWIS, BILL(?-77)- I attended ACS from 1971 to 1976 leaving my junior year for Spain. I graduated from D. G. Farragut Highschool in 1977 and then went on to College at Northwest College in Kirkland Washington. After a year I transferred to the University of Washington in Seattle. In 1979 I married Angela Guerrero (Cheerleader for the Kifissia Packers-Champions forever) and we set up house while I finished up with school. We have four kids now (Daniel,17;Aaron,15;Kefalari,13;Rachel,11). Daniel is getting ready for college next year and yes he did get perfect scores on his SAT's!

I worked my way through college at a bookstore and eventually managed it. I now work for the University of Washington Press, an academic publisher. Angela just completed 12 years of teaching Middle School and is now teaching at our boy's Highschool (Math, French and Spanish). We still live in the Great Northwest (Des Moines-a suburb of Seattle) where we hike, bike and frequent Science fiction bookstores when we are not running our kids hither and yon.

We love to remember our days in Greece (We started dating in Kefalari Park some 23 years ago!). The smell of the pine trees, the trickling running water down the road from the American Club to the Esso station, the heat of the sun on your back in the Islands, Mr Davis yelling at me to take it easy on the Foosball machine and the sounds of Elton John blaring from the Jukebox! Carefree, Sunlit days, without a care in the world. I feel ANCIENT! Soon, though our children will be gone and Angela and I will roam free once more-Look out! We love to hear from all of you, even those of you time has swept away. Write us! Bill and Angela Lewis PO Box 50096 Seattle WA 98145 University of Washington Press Box 359120 Seattle, WA 98195 USA (206) 543-8870 voice (206) 685-3460 fax

LEWIS, JIM(71-76)- I went to ACS till my Junior year and then left for Rota, Spain in 1976 where we stared till the first quarter of my senior year then we left the US Naval Base in Guantamamo Bay, Cuba where I graduated from the Willliam T. Sampson High School in 1978. I worked on the base wiht a water pipe company from the States then I joined the US Army and went to boot camp in Fort McClellan, AL then I went to Germany for about 20 months. My father became ill in the early 1980's. I got out of the army in 1982 where I just fooled around for awhile then I joined the US Coast Guard in 1983 and was stationed in Chinoteague, VA. I got out of the USCG in 1985.
I married a local girl from my home town of Morehead City, NC. I met here while was in the USCG. We got married on June 8th, 1985. My wife's name is Anna Buck Lewis. She was born in October 1965. She is a registered nurse at the local hospital. We have two pretty girls, Heather 10 and Katie 6. we have been truly blessed with such wonderful Children. I thank God every day. I work for the Town of Morehead City for the Rescue Squad as a firefighter/EMI-I. Most of the work is for the RS. I hope one day I will become a Paramedic. I would love to hear from anybody who knew me while in the old country. You can contact me at: James Lewis, 508 Scot Dr. Newport, NC 28570 (919) 726-1384 or

LEY, FRED(67-75 )- of Greece by Fred)I have stayed in contact with some of the people that I knew. I will list their names here, if anyone wants to get hold of them they could send me some email. Here are some of the names... Andy Burns, Souheil Hakim, Bill Haniotis, Athan Llewellyn, Mike Arntz, Nick Manterakis, John Lewis, Karl Habighorst. That all I can give. I did know quite a few more individualsDuring the years that I was at ACS. I have visited the school many times since I graduated. I even took my daughter there to show her the school. She just turned 16 and has completed highschool and will attend a junior college in Jan.

LITSAS, JIM(70-73)-Graduating from ACS in 1973, then attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh for 2 years, completing my degree at NYU. I joined IBM in 1977 and continue to work there. I married my wife Nancy in 1981 (just celebrated our 20 year anniversary!) and we've lived in Queens the entire time. We have 2 daughters Stephanie (12) and Diana (6).



LUNDBERG, JAN('68-70) sailed to Greece from L.A. and met Xenia Anagnostopoulos (ACS class of '70) in Rome in 1967. They got married for
8 years and had a daughter named Vernell who is known (1) for producing a fat songbook of radical campfire protest songs called Hootenanny, and (2) for suing police agencies in federal court for pepper-spraying nonviolent protesters. To see a picture of her and her father eco-rockin' at a rally
to protect the ancient forests of Humboldt County, northern California, check out Jan writes a syndicated
column called Culture Change (as of 2004). Before that he was running the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium and putting out the Auto-Free Times
magazine. After ACS he attended UC Riverside and UCLA and went to work for the family business which was oil market analysis. Then in 1986 he
moved with his second wife, a harpist, and their daughter Bronwyn (who became a cartoonist and guitarist) to Fredericksburg, Virginia. He
started the Sustainable Energy Institute in 1988, the same year he and his second (ex)wife started the Fredericksburg Festival of the (musical) Arts.
He moved to Arcata, California in 1991 and started living in the woods by himself in 2003, after giving a speech in London at The Institute of
Petroleum. Since 1995 he has tried to liberate his mother from the tyranny of conservatorship foisted on her by his sister Trilby.

LYNCH, JIM(74-79)- After graduating from the American Academy in the summer of 1979, I attended and graduated from Boston University College of Communication having studied advertising and public relations. After a couple of graduate degrees (M.F.A. and M.S.) and a few jobs within the realm of mass media, I decided to return full-time to academia to pursue a doctorate in higher education administration; a field that has always excited me! I received my doctorate from the College of William and Mary in Virginia in 1994 and since that time have been working as an enrollment services administrator at The College. I'd really love to hear from any of my old high school chums.

MACKIE, ROBB(76-79)- returned to the Annapolis, Maryland area and graduated from high school at Severna Park High School and then on to Frostburg State University. I am now working for the American Bakers Association in Washington, DC as VP of Government Relations.

MAKRIYIANNIS, ELIAS(?-82)-  Living in NYC where he owns Amaryllis Flower store.

MALANOS, JOANNA(?-74)- Joanna lives in Sedona does astrological work and is expecting her first child.

MAJOR, MICHAEL(79-81)- I went to the Middle School from the middle of sixth grade through the middle of eighth grade. Too bad the yearbooks only show the first initial! My yearbooks were destroyed, so if anyone wants to scan in the pages, I'll be thrilled! I went back to D.C. & then St. Louis, MO for Ba & Ma in Advertising.

MAKRIS, JIMMY(74-80)- is married and has a daughter, now living in Ottawa, Canada and working for Nordion in the computer department

MAKRIS, PETER(74-78)- see Belina Korovessis

MANOLAS, ED (71-74)- Left ACS in 74 and graduated from Buena High School, Sierra Vista AZ in 75. Went to school off and on then worked for a landscaping company in Tempe AZ, Married in 83, Divorced in 94. Now works as an optician in Pinetop AZ and raises his two boys Brian age 9 and Matthew age 5. Sings in his church and in local theater group.

MANOLAS, SUE (71-74)- Left ACS in 74 and graduated from Buena High School, Sierra Vista AZ in 76. Attended Arizona State U and graduated in 1980 with a BA in Elementary Education. Married her college sweetheart Mike Curtis in 80. Moved to Carrolton TX for a few years then back to Phoenix AZ. They have two boys, Kevin age 12 and Cody age 9. After taking a break from teaching to raise her boys, Sue is back at it now and teaching 3rd grade at Cody's elementary school.

MANOLAS, TED (71-74)- I can't believe it been nearly 5 years since I updated this thing so here goes. After graduating from ACS in 74, I headed for the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs Co. I spent a little too much time watching TV and not enough time studying so managed to flunk out after three years. I headed home to AZ and finally graduated in 1980 from Arizona State U with a BS in Aerospace Engineering. Still wanting to fly, I rejoined the Air Force in 1980. I met my wife Ava at my first assignment at Kelly AFB, (San Antonio) TX and we've been married since 82. We have three kids: son Theo, Laura, and Christopher born in 84, 86, 88. We've traveled the country since San Antonio, living in Enid OK, Colorado Springs CO, Warner Robins GA, Ft Walton Beach FL, and now retired from the military and living in Anchorage AK. While in the Air Force I was a pilot flying the C-130 Hercules. That skill transferred pretty easily to my current job flying for Alaska Airlines as a 737 copilot. I had only been with the company 8 months on 9/11 and that event hit our industry hard. Alaska has weathered the storm relatively well, so far, so I still have job. In addition, we started a business in the local area and opened a Baseball and Softball Batting Cage. Baseball in Alaska, you ask? You bet. It's a pretty short season but business is pretty good. I do miss the time living in Greece and hope to get back there soon. Love to hear from anyone. PO Box 672405 Chugiak, AK 99567-2405. Phone 970-688-3276

MARDER, JOHN(?-?)-  I am at Manning, Marder and Wolfe, a 100 person law firm, with offices in L.A., Orange County and San Bernardino. I am a founding and managing partner at that firm. I can be reached at (213) 624-6900


MARLOWE, JOHN AND SUE- After leaving ACS, I worked for ten years as a vice principal for curriculum in a low-income racially mixed high school with a propensity for violence and another suburban high school with innovative programs and aspiration to Stanford and UC Berkley. My family and I lived in San Francisco and Contra Costa Counties at that time. In 1982, I was appointed principal of Albany High School, next to Berkley where I worked for five years, and then became principal of an alternative high school in Danville, CA. During this time we bought a home on Russian Hill in San Francisco, from which I made a reverse commute. I began to feel stale at the principal's job, and I took a job for the Fulbright Commission in Cairo Egypt, working with Egyptian teachers and school administrators helping them learn new teaching and administrative skills. Along the way, we bought a home in Kyparissi Greece (a village we found through our friendship with Matt), I went to India on a Fulbright grant, did a lot of writing (short stories, art criticism, education, and three small books relating to education, a couple of pieces have won prizes even). After returning from Egypt, I have been consulting and writing. Our daughter, Ryann is an architect in San Francisco, and our son John who just got married last year and whose wife is expecting their first child soon, rides and builds mountain bikes in Marin County, where we all live (in separate houses) now. Sue, who is a pastry chef, and I, divide our time between California and Greece. I am regular contact with Chip Ammerman, Matt, Peter Christ, Jo and Barney Howard, George Stephanou, Tom and Steve Mazerakis, John Hrones, and Paul Whatsisname, Ron and Liz Davenport and Bruce and Marcia Hunt. Ward Hedges once sent me a long letter. I still have it. I can be reached at

MARTIN, PAM- Pam married Chris Siotis and they live in the Houston area.

MATTHEWS, SACHA(1983-89) After leaving ACS, I majored in philosophy at Amherst College before completely medical school at Columbia University. I am now an orthopaedic surgery resident at Columbia University living in Westchester County, NY with my wife, Elizabeth. I will eventually open a private practice in sports medicine.

MAYS(BUNKER), KATHERINE(?-87)- After graduating from ACS in 1987, I went to college at American University in Washington D.C. where I studied art history. Other '87 ACS grads were also studying in D.C. including Robert Kohn, Nadim Sawaya, Sinan Akiman and Ziad Kawash to name a few. Undergraduate life was followed by a job at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, graduate school in art history at University of Maryland (where I reunited with another ACS graduate Amy Shipman Day who was pursuing her Ph.D. in art history)...both of us have Mr. Medeiros to thank as our inspiration! Moved to Chicago in 1994, worked at Terra Museum of American Art for two years, married my highschool sweetheart Brett Bunker in 1996 and now I work at The Art Institute of Chicago as Assistant Director of Student Programs. I'm responsible for the planning and implementation of programs for 140,000+ students annually in grades 1 - 12 and the training of 135 volunteer educators (docents) who tour our student groups. I Love Chicago and it looks like Brett and I will be here for awhile since we recently bought a condo near the home of the Cubs in Wrigleyville. I can be reached at

MAZARAKIS, STEVE- Steve and Tom live in Athens and operate a carpet business in downtown Athens.

MAZARAKIS, TOM-  See Steve above

MAZZA, MARIE(?-74)- Marie married Richard Gareau and they live in Florida.

MCCAULEY, CATHEY(81-86) - Returned to U.S. in 1986 - went to Radford University and took my degree in English - hey, I like to read. Went back to Greece in 1995 for half a year. Wow! Kiffissia meets L.A. and Glyfada cleaned up nicely. Wasn't the same without the gang though. Back in the States working as a marketing geek/computer geek - get to be very creative, pays the bills and allows me to travel. Is there anything else in Life?
Remember fondly the The American Club, Red & Black pub, Rositas!, the Boarding Unit crew, the gang in Politia (Tsontas', Lanes, Stones, Maldanados) as well as Nancy Spanos, Angel Kimball, James Sweeney, Chad Hutchinsen, Ranya, Katie Markou, etc., etc. Still keep in touch with
Van Ngo (living in Alabama), Katena Darsinos - in Tennessee. Angel was in Delaware last time I heard. If I missed you - sorry - let me know: As for the brothers (we're all in Virginia) - John is in Sterling, married with two children. Michael and David are in Christiansburg, and Charles lives in Richmond and tours the States with a band.

McDermott(Harmon), Kelly(76-78)- I left Greece in 1978 and came to Manassas, VA where I've been ever since. I have an 18 yr old son named Gary. Nine years ago I married Bob Harman and also have 2 step sons that are 18 and 21. I'm Director of Marketing
for a Telecommunications company called All Communications, and I own a children's clothing company called Kelsey Gene Outerwear. Our products are in about 180 stores nationwide and doing pretty well. I am involved in a lot of internet and database projects and am currently collaborating with a friend on a book titled "Globalization and Localization in the Internet" which is boring unless you're into international marketing and internet development. I had a real culture shock when I left Greece and came back to the states. I hated it for a long time because I missed the comraderie and freedom we all had. Manassas was a pretty small town back then and it was hard to make new friends. But, 21 years later it's a lot different and I really love my life here. I still travel a lot but it's nice to have roots. I'd love to hear from anyone I went to school with. My email address is and my phone number is 703-368-8862 ext. 100

MCKENNA, CONNIE(67-73)-alive and well living in tampa florida, breeding siberian huskies!

McQuillin(Bonney), Susan(74-76): I left Greece in í76 (end of 10th grade) for Virginia Beach. I moved to Washington in í82 and have been there ever since. Iím marketing manager at the American Association of Clinical Chemistry and have worked for three other associations. My younger sisters are Kathy and Nancy McQuillin, and they are doing well. In 1991 I married Keith Bonney, my senior prom date from Virginia Beach in 1978 (with a big no contact break in between). Iíve kept in touch with Mike Allen, Debbie Athanason, Anne Ball, Jack and Paula Bedrosian, Jerry Gaffney, Billy and Charlie Sinunu, Vernon Smith, Melina and Daphne Vassiliades, and I have their numbers if anyone needs them. Lost Mary McKinney, last in Norman, OK. Please email me if you know her.

MEINHARDT(Tiffany), KATRINA(69-72) I cried the entire summer of '72, when I had to leave my best-ever friends, the "love of my life" and Greece for VA, where we stayed long enough for me to graduate from Herndon High. In '73 we moved again to NC. My twins, Kari and Philip Adams, were born in Germany in June '78. Back to NC. The American Red Cross, my first employer after I finally finished college in '82, is now my avocation. Much of my time off from selling insurance is spent traveling the state as a volunteer. Husband Bob retired from the Army in '94 and is now a surgical tech. We share a money pit in the historic district of Fayetteville.

MILLER, CHUCK(?-72)- Chuck and Julie Rice were married a bunch of years ago after a 12+ year courtship.  They live in the Chapel Hill area.  Chuck has a European Automobile custom repair shop.

MILLER, RICK- Rick lives in Los Angeles, California and works as a musician and producer.  He has number of albums out and has produced a number of up and coming bands.

MORPHY, JOANNA(70-73)- I live in the UK and handmake jewellery. I have a son born in 2001. I love gardening and growing my own food. I lived in Greece for 25 yrs and travelled extensively during and since. Living in a rural village in East Sussex.

MYERS, MICHAEL(83-85)- works for Bechtel Corp.. BS MS UMD in Computer Science and Telecommunications. Happily married with two kids. Live in Frederick, Maryland. You can email me at or

MYRIAN,ERICA(79-87)- After graduating from ACS, I moved to California until 1990. In August of that year, I transferred to Pratt Institute in New York and received a BFA in Advertising Art Direction. I now live and work in Manhattan as a freelance Art Director for various ad agencies and also teach Advertising and Design at Pratt Institute. I visit Greece once or twice every year (my parents are still there) and can't believe how much it changes daily. I've been in touch with many ACS alums and would love to hear from more.

NICKOLISEN(KUYKENDALL), SHIRLEY(?-65)-  I was a freshman the year my brother graduated from high school in Athens (1965). My cousin, Jack Nickolisen, also attended school there, but he had gone back to the states by the time I was in high school. We were in Greece as our fathers were working on a dam at the time. Since leaving ACS I made several moves, including spending my junior year at the American school in Tehran, Iran. I have been in the Sacramento area of California for the past 27 years, so I guess I have finally settled down. I have been married to Wayne Kuykendall for 27 years. We have one daughter, Annie, who just turned 21. We have our own business, Kuykendall Appraisal Services, Inc. (residential real estate appraisals). I haven't kept in touch with anyone from either Athens or Tehran, except, of course, my brother & cousin. Gary lives in Oregon and we usually see each other once or twice a year. Hopefully, he will write to give you an update on his family. I hope this is the type of information you were looking for. My address is: 135 Gold Creek Circle Folsom, CA 95630 phone: (916) 988-0555 FAX: (916) 988-1241


OLIN, JOHN AND DORITHEA-  John and Dorithea live and teach in Northern  Los Angeles.

OSBO, DOUG AND KATHY CARROL- They are now living in Scotland. Doug is an administrator while Kathy works as a substitute teacher in phys. ed. They are not online, but you can e-mail here to leave a message.