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ABNER(LAZAR), STELLA(69-72) Leaving Greece in the summer of '72 was bittersweet for me--excited to be returning to the US, but sad that I wouldn't be graduating with my class in Greece. I graduated from high school in Augusta, Georgia, attended college, worked with a local law firm, married in 1976 and became a stay-at- home mom to my two wonderful daughters, now 31 and 27. I also have two awesome grandsons that are the light of my life. My husband (of almost 33 years) and I currently own a retail business in South Carolina and 2009 marks be our 11th year in business. I think about Greece often, especially when meeting new people and the 'where did you go to high school' question comes up.(and it always does--some kind of identity thing down here). Their amazed response reminds me what a unique journey we all shared by attending high school abroad. I regret that I did not keep in contact with friends and classmates. Email me at I would love to hear from you!

ADDISON(BARTYS), KIM(71-74)- Life since ACS has been both challenging and rewarding and memories of ACS are always sweet and refreshing.

Dale lives in San Diego and works for the US Navy.

AKIKI, JOHN-  Wow it has been so long since I've seen or heard from any of my old school friends. Then I remebered your site David and thought I'd give it a shot and see if it was still up and running .... I hope it still is. Anyway I am now living in Florida and working for ole Wal-mart Stores as a Asst. Mgr.
My three children Amanda, Melanie and Ryan have all graduated from high school now( the last two this past June.) They still live out in California with their mothers .... my sister, Suzi, still lives in San Diego along with my brother Dale and his wife Sharon. My mother is living in Las Vegas but is planning on moving out here in about one year. And Nancy my youngest sister is living here in Florida also.
I would love to hear from anyone who went to school with me back in the late 60's, early 70's.
I would really love to hear from Sheridan Field or Chuck Katsirubas or Bill Harrell. I have only talked to Ward Hedges and that was about a year ago ... where are those Ford boys, Larry and Paul?
My e-mail is or call me at (813)849-3546 anytime.

AKIKI, NANCY(?-73)   After leaving Greece after the death of my father, my family and I moved to San Diego. I attended the university there receiving my bachelors in psychology. I then moved to Tampa Florida and earned my masters in education. I am currently working on my doctorate and certification in Ed leadership while teaching special ed at the secondary level. I have 3 children, a son Duane 21 and in college with me, a 16 year old daughter, Angela, doing modeling and in the Academy of Business and Technology at her high school, and a 12 year old, Misty, cheerleader, ice skater, straight A student, and future marine biologist. It took me awhile to get over the death of my father and the culture shock of returning to the USA after spending nearly my whole life overseas. I still have my fondest memories of my life in Greece and the best friends I made there. I am currently saving for a trip back to Greece during the summer of 99'. I will be sharing this adventure with my children and introducing them to my relatives who still live there. As most of you know Dale went through a terrible ordeal, but was able to sue the pants off the state of California and city of San Diego. He is a hero there and by all rights should be. I visit him and his wife every summer as well as my sister and brother who also live in San Diego. My mother lives in Las Vegas, and I see her twice a year (to gamble and party of course!) I love this website because I travel quite a bit being a teacher, and would love to visit all my old friends and teachers. This will allow me to call when in town.  (813) 973-7014 home (813)420-1957 cell (813) 907-0904 fax 7141 Orchard Drive Wesley Chapel, Fl 33544


ALAVANOS, ARIS(?-85)- I am a 1985 graduate (wow, has it been 12 years already!) and I am currently back in Greece working for an international firm in the position of Manager of Information Systems. c/o FLS French Language Services Suite 2303 33 University Avenue
M5J 2S7, Toronto, Ontario CANADA. (416) 363 4487


AMMERMAN, WILLIAM AND ALIKI- All the Ammerfolk are fine. ALiki started school today--she is now the librarian in the Academy/Middle School. Alexander is in Cairo teaching EFL to kids in the Americna Intl., School, Philip, Christine (wife) and Sophie (15 y/o old daughter) are here in Athens. And I am beginning my 18th year at Fulbright. Bruce and Marcia Hunt will soon be here..they have retired here. Currently they are in Northport with Sarah who had her second kid. I had a very surprising phone call from Rick Miller earlier this summer. He was here for a month with his parents and other family members (I think). We had a long chat...he is going to send me a CD of his music. It was good to hear from him, as it is always good to hear from the Golden Days of ACS and (most) of those golden folks.

ANDERSON, ARTHUR(67-70) I live in southern Oregon.  I'm an artist, gem cutter and a sculptor.  Since leaving ACS I took the long way around.  Not sure why, seems everyone winds up in the same place anyway.   This year, 1997 My work took first place in the top gem cutting competition in the world in Idar Oberstein Germany. And no, I didn't learn it in school  PO Box 849, Ashland, Oregon 97520 

ANONSEN, ERIC(1979) After graduating from ACS in 1979 when my father was stationed at Hellenikon AFB. I attended college on and off and finally got a degree in Information Systems from the University of Texas at San Antonio, Tx. I am currently a SAP programmer/contractor based in Dallas, TX. My free time is spent playing guitar and racing my car in local car club events. LOTS of great memories from ACS!! Hard partying was done there!!

AQUILINA, DAN- Dan lives in Colorado Springs and works as a Social Worker's words).

AQUILINA(CARTER), DEBBIE(67-69)- I've lived in Colorado Springs, Co. at the foot of Pikes Peak for almost 20 years with my family--Bruce our son, Dan (26 yrs. old), and daughter, Kati (21 yrs. old). Kati and I went to Greece the summer of 2000--many changes but an unforgettable trip. I work with abused children now that mine are grown and gone. My son and his wife are going to give us a grandbaby very soon!! I'm thrilled. Touch base. My e-mail address is

AQUILINA, RUSTY- Rusty live in El Paso, Texas and has become quite a guitar player.(Tim's words)

AQUILINA, TIM(67-70)- I went to ACS from 1967-70. After returning to the states, I ended up in El Paso  where I graduated high school and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Texas at El Paso. It's here I met my wife of nearly 20 years, Rosie who is a registered nurse. Upon leaving El Paso in 1981, we went to work for the US Public Health Service ending up at an Indian hospital in Santa Fe. In Santa Fe we raised 2 daughters, Susannah and Madeleine through their early, formative years. In 1989, I got an itching to study anesthesia and we moved to New Haven, Connecticut where I earned a Masters of Science Degree in Biology, and became board certified  to practice anesthesia as a nurse anesthetist. In 1993, we came back to El Paso to be closer to our familiesin El Paso.  I took a job at a local hospital practicing  obstetric anesthesia. In El Paso I met up with 2 musician friends I had known in college.  I had continued to play music in various groups since leaving Athens and joined their combo. We call ourselves The Hitmen.  After playing live gigs at local coffee bars for a few years, we decided to record a CD. The CD is almost finished, and the release date is set for sometime in October '97.  Since returning to El Paso, I have made some major life changes. My mother passed on in 1993 so I bought a house big enough for my father and older brother, Raq to live in with my family.  In all my life, I have never lived anywhere as interesting as Athens, nor have I made friends quite like ones in Greece. I manage to stay in touch with a few of my closest ones, Matt and David Econopouly, Rick Miller, the Christ brothers, and a few others. I have never returned to Athens since leaving in 1970. I am hoping for a return visit in the near future, especially since my wife and daughters have never been. I still miss and long for my days spent in Greece and would very much like to reunite with old friends. My address is Tim Aquilina, 1004 Kern Dr., El Paso, Tx. 79902   Tel. 915-542-0652.

ARNTZ, MIKE(60-71)- I left ACS in the middle of ninth grade to go to Spain. I spent most of my high school years there and came back to Greece for about six months in 73 so I hung out a lot at the taverna. I became good friends wtih Dave Stewart (anybody?). Shortly after I went to the sates and lived in SF, San Diego, and Washington DC. Along the way I ran into a few alumni. In 1990 I went to Greece on vacation which lasted untill 1997 at which time, while working as restaurant manager in a Pizza Hut in a resort area of Chalkidiki ( yeah, I know, what has Greece come to - but back in the 70's we would have dug it) I met a lovely Czech girl. I visited her in Prague and fell in love with her, the city, and the beer. I have lived here since. I plan to get married and start a family even though I'm only 42 years old.

ATHANASON, MIKE(Early-mid 70's)- After leaving ACS, I majored in Ocean Engineering and graduated from Florida Institute of Technology, then 6 years in Scotland working for Schlumberger and was a Rig Manager before going to business school at Georgetown. After that, I worked at A.T. Kearney in Washington DC -then Ernst & Young for 13 years. E&Y took me all over the world " and to Russia for 4 years. I met Jenny Bower on one of these trips and we married in 1998. We are back in Yorksince 1999 and have two children. I am now with Duff and Phelps.

Kevin is in the marines and stationed in eastern North Carolina.

BARRY, MIKE-  Mike lives in Chapel Hill NC with his wife and children.


BARTLETT, KARL(?-71) I left Greece in 1971, when my family moved to New Jersey. Graduated from Woodbridge HS in NJ in '72. Went on to Emerson College where I graduated in '76, studying mass communications. Worked at various odd jobs for several years, finally wound up at a company that made power supplies, where I worked for 15 years. Left there in October of 1997. Living in Florida now, working at getting into radio (finally!!!). Hosted "Teen Scene" with Cindy Cole on Armed Forces Radio, Athens way back in 1970-71. Am wondering whatever happened to my history teacher Mr. Lynn?
Also wondering whatever became of Jim Aleveras? I remember he was obsessed with the Titanic...what with the current rage, he must be in his glory...Made it back to Athens in 1996. Unfortunately, I didn't get to ACS, but I did get back to my old house in Kifissia. I still can't get over the shock of how things have changed in Athens.

BATES, TRACY(?-74)-After graduation in 74 I kicked around Glyfada for about a year and then moved to Ohio where a friend of mine (Janice Daniels, 73) was living. I had a few adventures, including but not limited to selling hot-dogs from a vending cart in Philidelphia during the Bicentennial summer. I went back to my roots in the San Francisco bay area, found myself in the restautant biz, back of the house accounting stuff. I moved to SoCal in the 80's, living near Newport Beach, bean counting for a Mexican restaurant conglomerate. After a few years I decided to take a leap of faith and do something I really wanted, and started cooking professionally. I attribute by love of food and sense of adventurous cooking to my time spent in Greece. If I hadn't been exposed to all that glorious fresh food, not processed and packaged, I don't think it would have occured to me to try
to attain it back in the US. The best ever souvlakia down in Monastiraki; the weekly outdoor markets with all the fresh and seasonal produce. Who knew it would take the US twenty years to catch on to the idea of farmers markets and eating food that is grown locally and is actually in season.
After a few years of cooking in southern Calif. I moved back to the bay area and have been living and cooking in Berkeley for the past several years. Check out the web site of Chez Panisse the restaurant I'm working for at to see what we're all about. On my own I've been developing a line of aperitifs inspired by recipes I've collected from France and Italy and friends and associates. I've been back to Greece a couple of times and I hope to go again in a few years. My experiences in Greece made a profound difference in my life, I can't imagine the person I would have become without them.
P.S. I also enjoyed Matt's site on Greece. I've read alot of the books on his list and recommend a couple of others for those with and interest in food: Honey from a Weed by Patience Gray, about her life living in remote places around the Mediterranean, including Naxos, with her sculptor husband. And Mythology and Meatballs by Daniel Spoerri, a crazy artist who lived on a Greek island.

BAXTER, DARNELL(78-80)- New profile coming soon....

BENNETT, Mary ('68-'71)--I left Greece after high school and lived in South Florida for 25 years before moving to Delaware in '96. I worked several jobs until I got the one I really wanted as a flight attendant. Flew for Eastern until the end was near and bailed out to join USAirways in '88. You may see me on flights to Paris or Rome these days - it sure pays to
know foreign languages. (Thanks, Mr. Angelonides). We are hoping to launch a PHL-ATH non-stop and you can bet I will work those every week! I'll be able to visit Mom and eat Greek food at least on a regular basis. My husband is a captain at USAirways, and my daughter is a teenager enjoying high school and everything that brings. I often have fond memories of my years in Athens, and flash back at times, sights and sounds. Denny Lord
playing guitar, The Sgt Sunshine band, cheery Mrs. Jerome, trips to Hydra, Mr. Stavroulakis' vivid history narrations as if he lived in those ancient times, the Taverna, my friends Demetra and Alda and the teachers. Mr. Piladakis certainly influenced me and my love for art. I have my art studio in house and paint watercolors, some that I have sold. My husband and I travel the world, one of our favorite pastimes. We share the love
for art and music of all kinds ranging from the Cowboy Junkies to Joe Satriani. Anyone who wishes, please drop in or drop a line at our e-mail!

BEST(WOOLERY), JILL(69-73)- Married 15 yrs with 4 kids. Work for Continental Airlines in Tampa, in St. Petersburg FL. Would love to hear from any ACS friends..e-mail me at Click here for pics Jillian737's Home Page

BETHEA(SIBLEY), PANDORA(62-72)- Went to Deree College for a while, started a career in marketing/sales, travelled around North Africa and Europe, then visited USA for the first time in 1980, settled for a while in SF, CA got married and had a daughter , Maya, in 1983 and a son, Alexander, in 1990. Presently a single mom working as a digital office equipment salesperson in Northern Ca so the kids can be near their dad-but I miss Greece, my friends and family a lot. Some of the best years of my life were at ACS. Get in touch!

BISEK, NEA(?-75)- My sister Virginia Bisek and myself Nea Bisek both attended ACS. I graduated there in '75 and attended UCSD and now live in San Francisco with my husband. I am a graphic designer and design websites. My URL is Virginia was 2 years behind

BLODGETT (DAHLSON), DIANA(61-62) - graduated from the American Academy in 1962 after one unforgettable year in Athens. Attended The George Washington University in D.C., graduated in 66, got married a week later and went to live in Milan for 4 years where I had two daughters. Moved to Madrid around 71 – had two more daughters there. In 77 we moved to Caracas, have been there since, except 2 years in D.C. Divorced in 85, remarried in 87. My Californian husband Conrad is a journalist and I have taught ESL for the last 11 years. My kids are all grown up and I have 5 grandkids. My brother Stephen Blodgett who graduated in 1963 is with State Department and lives in Reston, VA. Anybody know whatever happened to English and History teacher Mr. Stavrolakis? Friends I remember from ACS are Manny Mavroleon, Alan Kalb, Panos Dracos, Steve Economy, Kathy Webbel, Toushi Bliss, Bubbles Bowen, Linda Vigderman, Maria Giorgiopoulos. Any news about any of them?We left Caracas, Venezuela in 2003 and have been living and working in Miami Beach, FL since then. Two of my daughters live here, the other two are still in Venezuela. I am about to have my eighth grandchild! Can't figure out how I got to be 62, but have had a wonderful time getting
here. My email address is and I'd love to hear from any old friends from acs.

BLODGETT(VANDIVER), SHELLY(?-74)- Shelly lives in Anchorage, Alaska with her husband and children and teaches primary school.

BOHEIM, RUSSELL(BUTCH)-(59-61)- After graduating from the American Academy I joined the Army Security Agency for 4 years.  After I was discharged I moved back to Northern Wisconsin.   In 1969 I was hired as a letter carrier by the US Postal Service where I worked for 28 years.  There's a treat- Ddelivering mail in -20 degreees weather and 4 feet of snow.  I have been married for 28 years and have 2 adult children(Not a grandpa yet!)   I retired Aug. 1 and we moved to our home out in the woods.  We love it!!   14081 S. Riverway Drive, Gordon, WI 54838 (715)376-4328

BORDEN (WALSH), Micki (77-78) I went to ACS for 8th grade in 1978 and loved every minute of it! I was only there for a little over a year but it was a busy year. With the help of my old yearbook and journal, I have remembered some of my friends from that time, I would love to hear from any of them. My friends (that I can remember) were Shona Ryan, Cheryl Murphy, Robin Clifton, Stacey Bouchard, (Last time I heard from her she lived in Las Vegas) Kelly Petrockles, Molly Mcarthy, Don Julian, John Redman, Andy Pappas, Kevin Orr, Peter Nibi, Michelle Yetter, Sam Ham, Grant, Mike Poore, Mike Hoberman, Michelle Tucke, Chano, and Diane Lanter. My favorite places to hang out were on Base, Kiffissia, Kefalari Disco, the Alamo, Elderados, Bobbys in Glyfada, Astir beach, and of course the local tavernas. After leaving ACS I had to go to a normal high school in Tustin, CA and it didn't really compare to going to school in Greece. Eventually I graduated, took a few years off to travel and party. Then I went back to school, got a BA in International Studies, an MA in Geography at CSU Long Beach, and an MA in LIS from SJSU. I have been married for 17 years to a really great guy that I drag all over the place. We go to Greece every other year, I love Greece, I have been most everywhere else in the world and Greece is still my favorite, probably because I had so much fun while at ACS. I am on Facebook under Micki Borden Walsh and my email is

Mike is married and lives in Frostburg MD, managing his in-laws funeral home.

BOWMAN(AYRES), DIANE(80-82)- I have wonderful memories of Greece, especially ACS. My closest friends at ACS were Valerie Gantzler, Joy Ann Freeman and Cathy Harrison in which I still keep in contact with. Val and Joy have visited me here in Maryland as I have visited them as well. When I left Greece I came back home to Maryland and have remained here except for living in Hawaii for a short time with my oldest sister. I married, had two children(Eric-1987 and Jenny-1991), divorced, remarried and widowed. During this time I have been a cosmetologist, a professional cake decorator and am currently self-employed with my cleaning business. This affords me the time to be with my children. Things I remember about Greece are: Hellenikon AB, partying in glyfada(expecially Bobbies II and The Debt), military guys, the earthquake(s), souvlakis and last but not least, my friends. Can be contacted through Valerie Gantzler.

ears_ACS: 67-70

It's been too long since I left Greece. It was one of the high points of my life. After Greece I moved to Brussels (hey, I'm an oil brat!)and enrolled at the International School of Brussels where I eventually graduated in 1972. After a year at Davidson College, NC I dropped out for a year and got some more construction experience. Spent 74-77 at the University of Florida (I'm a 3rd generation native, two of our kids are 4th!)and got a BS in Construction Engineering/Management. Graduation was perfect timing- the recession hit, no jobs. Bummer! I worked for 7 years as an inspector and then went back to UF and got a BSCE in 1988. Been working in the construction arena ever since.
I still see and contact Gary Folk and Paul Mikulak. Recently contacted Debbie Freeman on Anyone know what happened to Heather & Shanon Payne? I'd love to find them. Seeing that Rick Miller made it in the music world (I fizzled out after Greece) whatever happened to Mike Sadler and his bandmates? His "Blues Period" band was awesome and he was a great guitarist. I remember my band playing against him in a Battle of the Bands. We lost of course.
I'll always remember the sights and sounds from all over Greece. I miss the real food - souvlakia, gyros (jiros to dumb Americans!)etc. I taught my wife how to make baklava! MMMMM!
Speaking of her, I married Janette Paul in Sept. 1978. Christopher wasn't born until March, 1986 (Florida), Andrew in February, 1990 (Virginia) and Jennifer in November, 1991 (Florida).
I still play around with my guitars but my hobby is restoring classic Mustangs (got a '66 fastback in the oven now).
I'd like to hear from anyone who remembers me! It's great to find a website and share memories!

BREWER(RIEDL), VICKI(61-67)- After leaving Greece, I returned to California. Attended Chaffey College, California Hospital School of Nursing (RN), then Chapman College. In 1971, I married John. We have 3 boys (17,14, and 12) and live in Irvine, Ca. I work part time as a PACU Administrative Coordinator. My brother, Michael, lives in Maryland with his wife and daughter. My mom was the school nurse. My parents retired in Arizona and my mom still lives there. My dad passed away 2 years ago. In Greece, our family was involved in Girl and Boy Scouts. Many people from the early to mid 60's may remember my parents. I'm interested in hearing from any alumni from my era!

BRIDGMAN(ROUSH), MOLLY(66-67)- I lived in Wilmington and Winston-Salem, NC until graduation from UNCW; moved to San Francisco Bay Area where I lived for 13 years and worked in various jobs and obtained a Master's degree. I have a son, Robert, who is 16 now and learning to drive my car. My nerves are shot! We moved back to North Carolina after the 1989 earthquake. My sister, Emily Bridgman, is here as well. Her son attends Johnson & Wales in Charleston and hopes to soon be a great chef. My parents are both living and remember most of our friends from ACS. I am a social worker in Wilmington and am responsible for 29 children. I feel like the old woman who lived in a shoe!

BRIGHT, LAURIE(73-75)- I earned a masters degree in applied sociological research from George Mason University and currently work for the U.S. Department of Justice where I manage evaluation grants of substance abuse programs for state and federal prisoners. I have no children and am currently single. I recently became a member of a wonderful church called New Life Christian Church in Centreville, VA.

BRINGOLF, DANIEL(67-69?)-After graduation from ACS in 68 or 69 (can't remember the exact year as I have lost all documents fron that period including Yearbooks) studied with the University of Maryland, European division and graduated in Brussels in 1974. Moved to Switzerland and have worked în HR management since then. Married twice and divorced twice also, no children. Live since 5 years now with a wonderful woman and her 2 sons (18 + 21). Still love music and remember very well the "Blues Period" Band. Perhaps someone (hopefully) will remember me as I was the bass player during all the time the band existed in Athens! Unfortunately have lost contact with all the musicians except John Carr who I talk to now and then. He was a drummer with the "Zoo" if I recall well. They were the "top dogs" at the time prior to the BP. Otherwise, I love cars, racing and have participated over the years in several competitions with a Porsche 911 RS. Would love to hear from people who lived those years in Athens. Till then Yasou!!

BROWN(CALLAWAY), MELINDA(74-76)- Graduated from Cal State Fullerton in Physical Education. I have two children 18 and 16. My son just started Pharmacy School. My daughter is a senior. I have lived in CA for the last 15 years.

BYRUM, NINA- Nina lives in Los Angeles and has been working as an assistant director in the movie industry. 


CABRERA, ANN(71-74)-  Ann lives in Cedar Crest, New Mexico and is a manager for a corporate credit union.

CABRERA, JEAN(71-74)- Jean lives in Bakersfield, California with her husband and three children.

CARLTON, RICK(?-69)- Since I graduated in '69 I've been on a fairly interesting trip. Went to University of Missouri in Music, got drafted, went to Texas, Europe and Southeast Asia on the Air Force/Nixon Christmas bombing tour. Got out of the war in '75 and started doing concert sound reenforcement for Fleetwood Mac, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Steve Martin et. al. Came to Ca in 1977, got involved in film and video production, as well as work with various digital technologies. From there I started consulting to the entertainment industry and industry's emerging enterprise-wide technology segment. While all this was going on, I started doing freelance writing on technology as well as aviation and motorsports topics and published over 350 articles in a myriad of publications ranging from McGraw Hill's DataPro Reports, to Flight Training and On-Track Magazine. Concurrently, I was accredited within the California College system and taught Applied Technologies for eight years at Cerritos College in Cerritos Ca. On the side, I began handling public relations for professional motorsports and was, until April of this year, retained as PR consultant to Byrd-Cunningham Racing in the Indy Racing League and Hall/Davis Racing in the PPG CART World Series. Post- April I was offered the position of Director Information Technologies at MAI Systems Corporation in Irvine Ca. which is where I am now.

CARROL, THOMAS(?-87)- I went into the Navy in 1989 and joined the SEAL team where I worked in special forces until April 1997. I traveled around a lot during that time, spending most of the time away from home in Puerto Rico, but also visiting Spain, Italy, Greece, Gibraltar, and Morocco. I got married in 1995 and settled down in Virginia Beach, VA where I was based. My wife and I started a business here in 1994, Poor Folk's Tree Service Inc. We do primarily residential service of tree pruning and removal. We also do some contracts for the local and state government and also some commericial work. Since leaving the SEAL team in April, I have been devoting most of my time to the tree business, but have found time to pick up my drum playing again. A hobby which was largely ignored during my years in the Navy. I am playing with a band locally called Thorne. I lost many contacts over the years and hope that anyone who knows me will contact me. I would love to see what everyone else has been doing.

CAULDER, MIKE- Mike lives in the Northern Virginia area.  He owns and operates a mainframe computer company.

CHAMBERLIN, MARK(74-81)- After ACS, I spent a couple years at ODU in Norfolk, VA. There I met my wife, Maria and had our daughter Fallon. I joined the Air Force at 24, and spent 10 years stationed in Grand Forks,
North Dakota. After earning a commission in 1997, we spent a couple years in San Antonio, Texas. I'm currently on my way to the Terceira (Azores), Portugal for a 2 year assignment, and VERY much looking forward to the island life. My sister, Mina (class of '77) and her husband, Pandelis, left Greece before the base closed. They live in Bergenfield, NJ. They have a three year old daughter, Barbara. My parents still live in Amphitea. I've been back a few times, but mostly my folks come and visit us when they get a chance. I went back with Maria and Fallon in the summer of '94 for three weeks. Hopefully we'll have a chance to do more traveling in Europe while we're in Portugal.

CHEROPOULOS(CASCIARO), ELIZABETH((79-81)- Upon graduating from ACS I attended UBC in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and completed a BA in Theatre and Literature and received a Secondary teaching certificate from the faculty of Education. My Masters is in Education. I thought for the University of Maryland in Germany. Studied German and French and received a translators certificate in both languages. I married an American infantry officer in Mannheim, Germany. I have a ten year old son named Sebastian-Alexander who is growing into a great ice-hockey star! I've lived and taught school in Europe (Italy, England, Germany, Spain). We've also been stationed in California, Colorado and we've finally settled in Virginia. I'm presently teaching high school: Drama, American & British Literature, and Journalism.

CHETERIAN, ALBERT(82-84 )- After graduating ACS I attended college in San Diego (majoring in food & theater) I dabbled on stage for a while but turns out my calling was of the culinary nature. So that's what
I've been doing since. 4 yrs ago I moved to Eugene OR. I currently work at a large hotel here.

CHLORACIOTIS, THERESA(?-81)-  Lives in Kifissia, is Executive Assistant for a MultiNational Corp. Still single


CHRIST, PETER- Peter lives in Berkeley, California and works for an insurance Company.

COCORELIS, RICK(?-70)- I'm a 1970 graduate, now living in Greece, married ("with children" 61/2 and 21 mos., Stefan and Niki). I drift in and out of advertising as a creative director between directorial jobs for TV series and commercials while preparing for my foray into feature films.


COOR, KRISTEN (73-75)- Graduated 1981 from N. Arizona University(BS Zoology w/ Art Minor). 10 years in CA as an Agricultural Biologist.  Move to Phoenix in 1991.  Massage Therapist, real estate on the side.  Working towards a masters in Physical Therapy.  Life has been good.  42 E. Mariposa St. #4 Phoenix AZ 85012 Ph. (602) 200-9559

COOR, MARK(73-75)- It was a surprise to get a note regarding ACS. I have not been in contact with anyone from there since I left in 75. After leaving ACS I attended college at Northern Arizona University and received a BS Mechanical Engineering in 1980. While at NAU I met Laura and we were married in Oct. 1980. I then worked for several aerospace companies over the next 15 years picking up my MS Engineering Mechanics in 1988 from the University of Santa Clara. I am currently working as a consultant for a small company in San Jose , CA, that deals with satellite launch and orbit operations. I have two children Daniel 13 and Grant 10. We are active in Scouts, sports and church.

COOR, MERRY(73-77)-

CURCIO, PETER(66-69)- Maried to Virginia Rodriguez de Curcio(Vicky)- Three children- Alex(18), Julia(13) and Natalie(2). Living in Monterrey, Mexico and working for Andersen Windows. Life is good!

DAHL, DAVID(79-82)-

DAIGLE, BRUCE(73-75)- After graduating from ACS in '75, I attended Pierce College the next year. After returning to the states, I worked for the US Geological Survey in AstroGeology/Lunar soil research while I was attending the local community college. 2 years later I went to James Madison University. I graduated from JMU with a BS in Geology in '80. To decompress, I played music on the road for a while after graduation. Since geology positions were a bit scarce at that time I ending up beating dirt (soil and concrete testing) for a living. That was a long, long way from working with lunar rocks and soils! It fortunately didn't last too long! I finally ended up in the computer industry. It's a much cleaner and quieter environment! I've been working with computers for 15 years now and am employed with Wang Global in the northern Virginia area. I've been married to my wife Donna for 16 years. We have 3 children (Amber, Corwin and Emerald). We can be reached at or I would like to hear from
any of the old ACS crowd!
My brother, "D", also lives in the northern Virginia area. He started a construction company (Strate-line Construction) several years ago. Aside from being very busy with the company he is doing well.

Married James(a once-removed Greek) and has a son Jacob(born in '93).  Has a masters in Biology and works in the fertility program at Bowman Gray in Winston-Salem NC.  Jim is a research scientist.

DAVENPORT, ASHA(69-83)- Graduated from UNC and worked in home health care until she met Eric, got married and now she is a full time mother to her two children (Tristian-born in '92 and Julie- born in 95) in Ridgefield Conn.  Eric is finishing up with his Environmental Law degree at Pace University.

DAVENPORT, RON AND ELIZABETH(69-83)- I returned to NC and taught in New Bern and taught every sport whether I was prepared to or not.  Retired in '92.  I Hunt, fish and play with the 3 grandchildren that I'm crazy about.  Elizabeth taught math and science in Craven County and quit when Ron retired.  Enjoys spending time with her children and gardening.

DAVOCATO(AGAPIADES), SHARON(?-82)- I live in California and would like to get in contact with other 1982 graduates.

DOMINGUE(RITTER), BETH(72-75)- I am married to Eric Ritter and have two children, Christopher & Zachary. I live and work just north of Dallas, Texas as a software engineer. God has surely blessed me.

DOMINGUE, DAVID(72-75)- Married 2 kids now in Georga

DOMINGUE, MIKE(72-75) Married to English wife 2 kids Was in army Now in Coventry England

DURANT, LIZ(?-75)-

Forty years, two wives, five children, three grandchildren, numerous other living things and a rewarding career in the high tech business later,I still think fondly of the time I spent at the American Academy. I f you have access to the 1957 Yearbook, you will see that I was a very active member of the senior class.
After I graduated from school, I stayed on in Greece and worked for the U.S. Government for a while before returning to the states to get married to another AA alum, Pat McBride and to continue my education. I subsequently earned degrees in Electronics Engineering ( Capital College, 1961) and Electrical Engineering ( New Mexico State University, 1967). After a brief stint with the U.S. Government, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse from Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM. At Sandia I worked on designing a lot of neat electronic systems, went back to school for two years and finally left to start my own electronics company. That started me on the way to becoming a full fledged high-tech entrepreneur. Over the last 30 years I have had the pleasure of starting and growing several successful technology businesses and I am currently President of Quatro Corporation, a technology commercialization and manufacturing company. Quatro helps technology companies get started and grow. We have helped dozens of companies succeed and we are currently manufacturing over 100 different electronic products.

Graduated 1978 joined the US Army September 78. Retire from the Army Sept 98, plan on becoming a Travel Agent in the D.C. area

ECONOPOULY, CINDY(68-74)- Cindy lives on a farm outside of Chapel Hill, NC with her husband and three children.  They raise and sell organic vegetables at the Carrboro Farmer's Market.  She also creates and sells fabric portraits of people, places and pets.

ECONOPOULY, DAVID(68-74) - After I left Greece, I wandered through Europe, back to the US and out to Colorado.  I went to college in New Paltz, New York and graduated with a certification in Secondary Ed./Social Studies.  Taught and did a number of other jobs before ending up in The Bahamas, after arriving there on Blue Winds, the 34 foot cutter that built.  I taught in The Bahamas for 5 1/2 years and sailed for the next year.  I spent last year researching a shipwreck a friend discovered in The Bahamas that we have named The Platinum Cannon Shipwreck Project and we are now working on a documentary, book and screenplay as well as a number of other projects revolving around our discovery.  101 Lindsay St. Carrboro NC 27510 email

ECONOPOULY, JAMES(68-74)- James is a teacher in Asheville, NC and lives there with his wife Joan and their soon to arrive baby.


ECONOPOULY(BARRETT), MATT(68-72)- When I graduated from ACS I went back to the USA to a land of rock concerts, girls in bluejeans, clubs and bars. But someone forgot to mention you needed a car and money and I felt pretty lost. So I did what any intelligent person trying to survive would do. I went to college. For almost a semester. Then I quit. So I did the next best thing. I moved back to Greece and went to Pierce College. I was expelled after a year. (They were not as tolerant as ACS). Moved back to the USA and lived in NY for a year before moving to Chapel Hill, NC where I slept in the dorm room of Rick Miller and Ed Leight until I got a job in a restaurant and got my own place. Worked in restaurants for years going from short order cook to manager and then back down to dishwasher where I felt more comfortable. (no pressure). Kept playing music with Rick and in 1980 started band the DADS which became pretty popular in NC and even got some great national reviews. Recorded one solo EP with Rick called The RUSE. When the Dads split up I began playing solo inthe USA and in Greece on the island of Sifnos in a club owned by my old friend Dorian Kokas. Recorded 45: IS THIS IT? and cassette album called THE PRICE OF ILLUSION. Also live cassette album released in Greece by Rollin Under magazine which I have never heard. Started company called INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION NETWORK offering low cost advertising through posters and flyers. Because I was always writing I jumped into the internet craze in 1995 and started my Greece Travel Pages which were an almost instant success and are now among the most popular pages on the web. I have literally thousands of pages on four domains:,, and and my pages are a mixture of helpful information, funny stories and honest appraisals of the Greece I know. I also answer travel questions about Greece by e-mail.
Oh yeah. Married to Andrea Jerome with one daughter, Amarandi who is 7 and I am still best friends with Peter Christ, Rick Miller, Tim Aquilina, Leigh Sioris, Chuck Miller, Dorian Kokas and just about everyone else I was close friends with at ACS with the exception of Dean Nichols and Jimmy Hatzidimitriou who both died.

ECONOPOULY, NICHOLAS(68-74)- Nicholas passed away in Dec. 1999.

EDWARDS(CARKEET), PEGGY(67-69)- I am currently living in Santa Cruz, CA. Two sons, Brent 1979 and Tristan 1983. I'm a science illustrator and teacher. website is My dad, Warren Edwards, principal ACS 67-69 just turned 81, fiesty as ever. Buzz Rainer, English teacher 67-69 living in Carmel, as well as Mike and Donna Lewis, teachers 67-69. My brothers Bruce (67-69 and Bill(67-68) both work for West Marine as VP and a DM. Tom Cokenias (class of 66?) lives nearby in Half Moon Bay with wife Subi.

ELIOT, CHARLES(?-74)- Graduated from MIT in 1979. Rhodes Scholarship. Moved to England. Left Oxford University in 1982. Started writing software. Worked for small software companies, money brokers, stock brokers, sports TV. Moved back to Vancouver, Canada in 1992. Started working for Microsoft. Transferred to Seattle in 1994. Still here, living in an old house overlooking an agricultural valley. Married a painter, Jean Bradbury. Two kids: Isobel 4 and Henry

ELLARS, JAMES G( 69-70) I ended up bumming around Europe and Athens for a year after graduating in '70. Moved to Hawaii and joined the Navy from which I retired in '94. Saw the Orient and lived in Spain for ten years. Flew as a naval aircrewman in Africa, Middle East,and Europe. Met and married my best friend, a cute Dutch girl named Janie, and somehow we managed to have a fine son, Jason. We have a video production business in Arizona and life has been, continues to be, great. Would be good to hear from you.

ELLIS, TOM(?-81)-
Lives in Washington DC, works as a reporter for ANTENNA TV Still single.

ELMORE(Cornelius), LORI (84-85)- I graduated from Mississippi University for Women with a bachelors in Textiles/Merchandising in 1989. Married in June 1990. Worked in mgt. for Parisian in Alabama and then Dillard's in Florida. I am currently living in Tallahasse, Florida and have two sons ages 3 and 18 months. I havn't worked outside the home since I had my first son. I keep in touch with Monica Herzig (Nally) regularly. She is married with a daughter almost 3 years and is expecting another daughter in July. She lives in San Antonio, TX.

Elmore, Ward E.(1969-71) While attending the school I had an enormous amount of fun. I moved to Zweibrucken, Germany and graduated there in 72. Rotating back to the states took me to Vandenburg Afb. Deciding that I had stayed on base too long I moved to Arizona, Florida and then Arkansas. I am currently with Wal-Mart (17 yrs) and back in school again to study at Spartan School of Aeronuatics. I have one son, Pete who is 24 and a proud pop of 2 good looking kids

ENOTIADIS(Hanson), RICKA(?-76)-. I attended ACS the entire four years of high school. Upon graduation I attended George Washington University and during my sophmore year met the man I later married. Now I'm a mom, work as an accountant in Northern VA and I travel back to Greece as often as I can.


ESCO, KIRK(68-72)- After Greece (the single most profound experience in my life!) I spent a number of years at odd jobs and just bumming around in places like Michigan, Tennessee, Montana, Washington and Oregon. I did everything from washing dishes to
blasting to playing in a band from 1972 to 1979. In the fall of '79 I moved to Birmingham, AL and ended up in the Navy in April of '80. Since that time I have lived mostly in Maine (hunting submarines in P-3C aircraft) and Memphis (teaching kids how to hunt subs). I now live in Norfolk , VA and am about 5 months away from deploying to parts unknown on the USS Eisenhower. It will be my first ship! Drop a line but expect some time before a response!
Update since '98. After the reunion in Willmington, I suffered my way through 2 years at sea. (never again!). Now work for a Govt. Contractor in Lexington Park, MD and travel frequently to almost everywhere but Greece!