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FAULKNER, STEPHANIE(?-64)- Stephanie (Stevie) Hopper Steverman Faulkner Graduated ACS 1964 Currently living at: 134 Colonial Rd., Marshfield, MA 02050
PH: (781) 837 3732 EM: Children: 4 (3)Steverman: James 29, Josef 28 & Jennifer 24 (1)Faulkner: Charles 16 Divorced Further Education: A College Year in Athens 1964-65 Pierce College, Athens 1965-66.  I have been living in Massachusetts for @20 years now, in my own home. All three of my oldest kids are married, and I have two grandchildren: Kengi & Erica. My youngest is still a teenager in high school.

FAZZINI, TRICIA(75-76)- My younger sisters attended those years, too. Traci was in 3rd & 4th grade, and Valerie would have been in 1st grade in 1976, I think. I am living in Des Moines, Iowa and working for the Iowa State Association of Counties as communications & education director. We are a private, nonprofit association with Iowa's 99 counties as members. We provide our members with education, information, technical assistance, and advocacy at the state level.
After my family left Greece, we went to Taipei, Taiwan for 2 and a half years, returning to the States in 1978. My dad (Robert) was operations manager for Continental Illinois National Bank at its branch in Piraeus. My sister Traci is married and living in Chicago. While at ACS, I helped with the yearbook and ran for class president. I think I was on the student council. I remember trading comic books at lunchtime, and one of my nicknames was "shortstuff." I now live in Bloomington, Illinois working for State Farm Insurance. I have a son, five-year-old Alex. Also, I got married last month to Ian Goldsmith, but I've kept my last name.

FELLOUZIS(CHOPRA), NICKIE(58-60)-Graduated from Kent State University (1964). Taught High School Art for 7 years. Married ,Loki Chopra in 1968. Owned Boutique Shoppes and Restaurants in Cleveland,Ohio from 1971-1997. Divorced in 1994.Husband deceased 2002. Have 2 wonderful sons,Chris (33) & Ari (30),both engaged.
Retired and live in SUNNY Florida for 3 years.

FELTON, DEBI(82 & 83)- I was an oil brat, my family moved to Greece from Indonesia in 1982 and we settled in Papagos. I attended ACS 7th & 8th grade ('82 & '83), back then my name was Debi Felton. Both my brothers also attended to ACS; Scott and Aaron Felton. We left Greece for the Netherlands, then from there France, Spain, and Andorra before moving to the States to Texas. I joined the military after high school, afterwards I moved back to France and from there I settled in San Francisco, California where I now live with my husband. Of all the countries I had the privilege to live, Greece gave me my most fond memories. As soon as we moved to Holland I lost contact with all my friends, I'd love to reconnect with them or anyone else from my class.

FITE(PAINE), BELINDA(80-82)- My family moved from Glyfada to Germany my senior year. After Graduation I joined the Air Force and 16 years later I'm still with it. I got married and had one child; my son, Nicholas Alexander, who will be 14 this July. I recieved an Associates through the Community College of the Air Force in Business Administration, and will graduate from Wayland Baptist University November 2000 with a degree in Human Servcies. After graduation I will go to Saudi Arabia for three months and then back to Elmendorf AFB where I hope to get my Masters in Social Work. I have kept in touch with two of my best friends through the years, John and Sonia Doyle (brother and sister team--what a team they were too). John is in the Air Force and is in Germany until Nov 00. Sonia is married and lives in Charleston SC and has two beautiful children. I recently found Joy Freeman, Sabine Dunning, the Lemmon twins, Bently and Christin Robinson, Debbie Henry, Debie Bouchard, Wendy Debore, and numerous other "base kids". We're meeting again 25 - 29 May 00 at the Twins Lambroast, Merritt Island FL. I have a great deal of fond memories and wish to extend best wishes to some special people who I lost contact with after leaving, but wish I hadn't (perhaps if I had behaved better-smile). My son's middle name comes from one of my best friends, Alexander Myrianthopoulis, and I hope life's been good to him. I also would like to pass my warmest regards to Dan Stone, a warm and generous friend who was always there, and to Darren Emmons, the craziest and most fun person I think I've ever met in my life. My best to the rest of you as well.

FOCAS, JAMES(80-82)-
Since Leaving A.C.S. in the summer of 1982 and returning back home here in Brisbane Australia, I completed my Schooling, attended college and got into real estate selling, that lasted for about 3 years, and had a part time job at Big Rooster which is something similar to Kenny's Roasters, and also worked in the family business.
In 1990 I entered University as a mature age student, and began a Science degree, but after six months deferred as I couldn't see a very Profitable future in this chosen field, and also because I asked the love of my life to marry me, and thought that a part time job couldn't provide for a wife and family... We where married on June 7th 1992, we went to Greece and Singapore for our Honeymoon, and on our return home we Bought Our B.B.Q. Chicken business, again similar to Kenny's Roasters... We owned this for 4 years and then 1996 we sold half the business to a friend and My wife Fell pregnant, and on November 4th 1997 my Son 'ELIAS', was born this apart from my wedding day was the best day of my life.........Elias has given us a feeling that no words can describe.....:) Christmas 1995 we flew to Disneyland and L.A. WOW WHAT A PLACE......and Christmas 1996 we went to Singapore, another nice place...well this is what's happened in my life till now, I hope to hear from past friends of mine as I truly look forward to meeting You all once again.....:)
Take care everyone and hope to hear from you all soon....

Larry lives in Saudi Arabia with his wife and children and is an engineer with an aeronautics company.

FRANSON, KAREN(74-75)- I have stopped traveling(I used to live on a boat),and now live in Lone Pine, California with a wonderful cowboy and my sixteen year old son. I can be reached at or P.O.Box 134,Lone Pine,California. My phone number is 760 876 4026. I would love to hear from anyone that was at the school during 1974-1975. We have room for guests! Cowboy art is one of my major occupations besides looking after family property.

FRENCH, JACK(65-66)- After graduating from ACS in 66, I attended the University of Nebraska and graduated with a degree in Business. 5 Years in the Army followed.When I left the Army, I ended up,by accident, in the Human Resource field where I have worked for the past 30 years. Currently I am the VP of Labor Relations with ConAgra in Omaha. My wife and I have a son and a daughter and are looking forward to retirement in the next 3 to 5 years. My year in Athens is still one of the highlights of my life, I regret losing track of all my friends from that time, it was a special period.

FULCHER,ROBERT(67-70)- I graduated from the American Academy in 1970. I lived in Greece from 1967-1970. Afterwards, I attended Alma College (Michigan), where Imajored in psychology. From 1975-1977, I did graduate work in psychology at William and Mary with the intention of earning a PhD, but I left for what I thought would be a short break. I took a job at the American Psychological Association in Washington, DC, and ended up with a career in association management. I am currently Vice President, Membership & Marketing, for the American Pharmaceutical Association, which is the national professional society of pharmacists in the US.  On the personal side, my wife Diane and I have three children, Samantha Louise, who is 12, Michael Robert, who is 5, and Paul Joseph, who is 4 months old. We live in Annandale, Virginia, which is several miles from DC. I would be very pleased to hear from ACS alumni. We spend our vacations with Bill Gramann (class of '71) and his family, who live in Columbus, Ohio but I have not encountered any other ACS alumni for quite a while. Phone: 703/642-2549

FULLER(PEER), DAWN(79-81)- I left Greece in 'Aug.'81.We then lived in NH for 10 years where I graduated from Winnacunnet High School in Hampton(1984). I got married in Dec. 1984, & now have 3 Children. I stayed home for 10 years raising my kids(while we lived in SC).I am now back in NH & got a degree in Computer Science. I have been looking for old friends I knew in Greece.(& other military stations) is a great searchable database. I attended ACS for 8th & 9th grades while my father was stationed at Hellenikon AFB. I found someone who keeps a current list of friends who keep in touch from Greece (the '78-'83ish people)They have reunions in FL. Anyone that knew me or my brother Robbie can e-mail me if they wish.

FULLINGTON(KRUTEWICZ), TERRY(68-70)- Graduated ACS in 1970. Married in Athens and returned to the US after graduation with my husband, Donald to Washington DC. Moved from Washington, DC in 1972 to St. Louis, Missouri. Attended the University of Missouri, studying Accounting and Finance. Two sons, Donald born, 1977, Patrick born 1981. Have traveled extensively during the years since graduation. Worked as an accountant in various fields. In 2001 a few ACS alumni met in St. Louis and enjoyed the catching up. I moved to the Dallas area with my husband in 2005. Currently working as the Director of Finance and Accounting for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. Enjoying family, travel and friends.

GAILEY, CARMEN- Lives in western Oklahoma.

GAILEY, SANDY-  Lives in western Oklahoma.

GARCEAU, RICK-  Rick works as an air traffic controller in Florida.

GANTZLER, VALERIE(80-81)-I attended ACS my freshman year (80-81) while living in Ano Glyfada with my father who was stationed at Hellenikon AB. I caught Bus #8 to school every day. This is significant to those of you from the base back then. Bus #8 was infamous.
     I left Athens with my father in 1981 for Wiesbaden, Germany. I spent my sophomore and junior years there before moving back to the states and graduating in Alexandria, VA in 1984. Not desiring to attend college, I joined the Air Force in 1985 and have been in ever since. Since joining the Air Force as an electronic intelligence analyst I've been to Omaha, NE, Osan AB, Korea, Harrogate, England and now I'm stationed at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, TX. I am currently an AF instructor, teaching the newbies this electronic intel stuff.
     Things I remember about ACS: Greg Kinear! My bestest friend, Diane Bownam (who taught me how to have fun). My algebra teacher, Mr. Demos. And most of all, having the opportunity to live in such a fantastic country, learn the language with Mr. Makris (how could I have forgotten him?!!) and make some life-long friends!  3609 High Meadow San Angelo, TX 76904

GATSIS, PETER(77-83)- I left Greece in my junior year (83). I am currently living in NYC and went to Pratt Institute for Electrical Engineering. I had a great time while going to A.C.S. and would like to keep in touch with anyone who was at A.C.S. at that time. I try to go to Greece every summer, there is no better place like it on earth.. My E-mail address is

GEORGES, JOHN(?-?)- Financial analyst with Bell Atlantic. 1095 Avenue of Americas, NY, NY 10035 24 Carhart Ave., Apt. 315 White Plains, NY 10605

GEORGIADIS, BASIL(84-85) (Teacher)- I taught Social Studies at ACS from 1984-1985 and which was memorable for the students, faculty and of course, Greece. In 1987 I switched careers and was commissioned in the Air Force, which still allowed me the chance to travel. I've enjoyed tours in Panama, Italy, and Colarado Springs where I taught history at the Air Force Academy. I'm currently a major and work at the Defense Logistics Agency in Oklahoma City where I'm enjoying life with my wife Gabriela and one year old son, Dimitri, except for the six months I spent in Kosovo this year! I'll be going back to school for an Academy sponsored PhD in history next fall.
I'd enjoy hearing from any former students or faculty. Zito Ellás!

GEORGIS, JULIE(68-69)- Since 1974 in Germany. 20yrs. theater career. Since 1995: second proffession as breath-speech- voice therapist. Writing poetry all along -Living with Marpa in our cottage near Cologne. Dad, Nick Georgis (ACS Teacher 68-69) lives in Connecticut. Looking for my dear long lost friend Margie Murphy...
Greetings to old ACSers! (Sept. 2000)

Now living in San Diego.

GOUNALIS, LYDIA(67-75)-I graduated from ACS in 1975. Moved back to New York and attended 1 year of college. Have been in the Oil Business since 1981. Currently work for a New Hampshire based Oil Co. Never married or had children. I visit Greece every summer.Attended the summer Olympics closing ceremonies this summer. What a blast! Would love to hear from other ACS alumni. Billy Haniotis, Sophie Zafer, Bernie and Maureen Shea, Ann Johnson, any of you guys out there?

GRAMANN, WILLIAM J.(69-71)- I was at ACS from '69 to graduation in '71, followed by four years at University of Michigan (Psychology), two misspent years in grad school in Virginia, three years putting an ex-wife through lawschool at Virginia, then med school in Richmond. I am now a general internist in private practice in Columbus, Ohio (with a better wife and kids). Covington isn't very far away. I'll be sure to make the reunion!  Mailing address: William J. Gramann 1981 Inchcliff Rd.Columbus, OH 43221  Telephone number (salesmen treated rudely): (614) 488-9919 I look forward to the mailing, and meeting fellow grads in KY.

GREEN,TIM(?-73)- Website address:
I graduated in '73 (gads) after editing the Sophist and Heliostrophe and being a kind of parody of a Student Council president and causing a lot of other trouble. In the meantime I've managed to locate Tina Young, Mitch Kief, Trina Meinhardt, Bill Unger and Dianne Yannopoulos but others are still well under the rader. Particularly Phil Weiss -- has ANYBODY had any contact with him in recent years? All I hear are vague rumors.
Is it possible that Maggie Murphy is now working in Hollywood?? I keep seeing the name in film credits and it makes me wonder.
I'm now living in Bruehl near Cologne, Germany, working as a Windows help author, technical translator and photographer.

GREENE(HIRTES), DEBORAH(64-66) After graduating from Tufts University in 1970, I remained in the Boston area until moving to the Washington, D.C. area in 1981, where I have worked as an editor of a maritime union (and hope to retire in 2007). I became involved in the Mercedes-Benz Club and met my husband, Klaus, in that organization. We have homes in Arlington and outside Frankfurt, Germany, and--when not involved in performance driving events--spend much of our free time traveling throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

GYFTOPOULOS, ARTIE(?-81)-  -attended & graduated from Boston University - International Management - moved back to NYC where from originally- VP of Atlantic Bank, subsidiary of National Bank of Greece - still single, never married- visits Greece every summer.

HALL, JANET(79-80 )- I attended ACS in 1979 and 1980 while in the 7th and 8th Grades. I left Greece in 1980 and moved back to Oklahoma. I graduated from Dickson High School in 1984 in Dickson, OK. I attended Oklahoma St. University and graduated with a Bachelor Degrees in Marketing and Management. I married Jimmy in 1989 and we lived in Tulsa Ok for 18 years. We have two beautiful children, a son 5/99 and a daughter 12/02. I worked in sales for 15 years and finally started my own photography business. My website is After living in Tulsa for 18 years my husbands job relocated to Saint Louis, MO (2008) where we now live. I would love to hear from other friends and classmates from ACS. I have always remembered my time there fondly. I can also be found on Facebook under the listing Janet Ponder Hall from Saint Louis, MO. My email address is My mailing address is: 1034 Bridleridge Crossing Spur, High Ridge, MO 63049.

HAMILTON(EASTER), EDWINA(?-78)- Joined the US Army September 78. Retire from the Army Sept 98, plan on becoming a Travel Agent in the D.C. area

HARPER, DIANNE(68 -74)- After leaving Greece in 1974, we moved back to our home state of New Jersey, but only stayed there for four years. In 1978 we moved to Michigan and have been here ever since. Like everyone in the Detroit area, I work in the automotive business -- I am the Marketing Manager for the Chevy Cavalier. I am married to Tom - no kids, but we have a great dog named Sandy.

HATFIELD, KIM(75-76)-I graduated ACS in "76 - worked at the US Embassy after. Moved to AZ in "77 and still (2004) here (Other ACS alum are in town too). I attended college 1979-83 and earned Crim. Just. degree. Then, for many years, was a probation officer, doing field work and presentence investigations. No marriages or kids but nice pals, boyfriend, and cats. Not working presently and want to visit Greece soon-it's been way too long.

Ward lives in San Antonio and has some kind of environmental consulting company.   As soon as I hear from him I'll update this.

HETHCOTE, KAREN(?-87) I attended Calfornia State University, in Sacramento, Ca. I graduated in 1991. I got married in 1992 to Keith Dahlen. I worked in several different jobs until I found my calling to be a teacher!! I now teach 8th grade math and science and I love it! I also coach volleyball and basketball!! No children other than our two dogs and cats!! If you need anymore info let me know!!

HICKS, BRIAN(75-77)- After graduation in 1977, I moved back to the states and attended the University of Tenn. After graduation in 1981, I moved to Spartanburg, SC (2yrs), Asheville, NC (6yrs), Dallas, TX (2yrs) and finally Greenville, SC. I am currently the General Manager for West Brothers Transfer & Storage's Warehouse Division. Married 13 years to DeLores, two boys (10 and 4 as of 1999).

HODGE, NICK(65-69)- I've been raising a son, Sean, who turns 18 in March and is an OUTSTANDING guitar player. His mother, Janet, and I have been divorced about 3 years now.
Living in Wilmington, Delaware. Working in the field of medicinal chemistry and molecular modeling to discover new drugs, particularly for HIV, cancer and CNS diseases.
Keeping up on my own music, including playing a Studio model Paul Reed Smith through a Mesa Boogie DC-5; writing a little; and working on getting those sixties and seventies rock greats down just right. Also some jazz and folk. And generally trying to lead a good life in all senses of the word.

HOPKINS(HAVERTY), TERRY(72-76)-Recently divorced after 17 yrs of marriage,I have 3 beautiful children (Joey 17rys, Samantha 14yrs,Sabrina 11yrs) Have a sister Cindy and a brother Jim. The Lord has been good and faithful. I am enjoying life. Hi all!

HOWARD, BARNEY AND JOANN- Barney and Joann live in the SF Bay area and are doing what they've been doing for the past 20+ years...They both look great and are proud grandparents.

HOWARD, BARNEY JR- Barney sells outboard motors and boats in the Bay area.


HUNT, BRUCE AND MARCIA-  Bruce and Marcia are retired and spend time between Greece and the US.   You can catch them on  a Tower Air flight commuting.  I worked with Bruce when I was teaching in New York....Along with everything else he is a GREAT boss!!

HUNT, CHRIS- Chris lives in Massachusetts and is practicing law.


HUNT, PETER- Peter is a commercial pilot and lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife.

HUNT, SARAH(70-72,74-78)- After graduating from ACS in 1978 I got my BA from Hampshire College in 1982 and spent most of the next 12 years in the retail book business in New York City. I quit being a buyer for Barnes & Noble Bookstores in 1994 to stay home with my son Henry who is now almost 3 1/2. My second son Edward was born 7/97 and is now two months old. 

IRACLIDES, COSTA(66-71)-After graduating in 06/71 I moved to South Africa enrolled in Witwatersrand University [ School of Architecture]. Transferred to Deree College 1974 where I graduated 1978 with a BA in English Literature.Moved to Rhodes, opened Sticky Fingers Rock Club in 1979 and have been here since. Divorced once and have a 14yr. old son.

IRACLIDES, MANOLIS(?-early 70's)- lives on Rhodes and has the "Sticky Fingers" rock club.

JENKINS, DAVE(?-85) nicknamed "Scooter" in high school. Graduated in 85 Married 9 years with 2 children (5yrs/6mths) Work as an accounting mgr for a National Recovery Service (collection agency) Living in Aurora, Colorado

JEROME, ANDREA- Andrea and Matt hooked up after 20 years of almost hooking up and now have a daughter named Amarandi and a whole bunch of guinea pigs lead by the patriarch Mr. Pig.