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PAPADOPOULOS, TOM(71-75)- I graduated from University of Maryland in 1979, and now live in the Washington, D.C. area. I am in the commerecial real estate business in Washington, D.C. and can be reached at 202-466-2200, or e-mail at

PAPAGEORGIOU, PETER CHRISTOPHER(?-93)- I am now in manchester uk doing a master of science degree. Are there any 93 people. If so please contact me.

PARKS, PHILIP(59-60)-First my nickname in school was Kiwi. Afterleaving acs in 1960 I returned to the US. I did a tour in the marines and since I965 have owned a plumbing and heating bussiness in southern California. I have been married to Jessie for 31 years, we have 3 children, 3 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild (I feel so old). I am also director of operations at the laguna beach art a fair in July and August every year, so anyone attending, let me know and I will send you tickets I look forward to hearing from anyone from ACS Phone 760-731-0709

PARQUETTE, WILL(1966-67)Have a wide and varied path of business and personal interests. To sum it up, am happily married to my wife Carol for 23 years, have a daughter Michelle who is 21. I am now a Regional Internet Director for, the leading automobile buying service for Internet consumers. A recent chance meeting with Richard Miller, my history teacher at ACS in 1966-67 led to my sending this!

PAYNE, DONALD(1967-69)- Graduated from ACS Jun 13th, 1969, yes it was a Friday too! I was not very active in school, shy I guess although I did have the reputation of being the "class clown", didn't do much dating back then. I was in the Chess Club though. I made up for that later when I grew up tho. Although I still not sure if I have reached that point even now. My best friend back then had to be Rick Weldon and his mom, they sure helped out quite a lot back in my young and crazy days. I joined the service 1970, was stationed in Lackland, Tx 1970, Torrejon AB, Spain, 1970-71, Camp New Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1971-1973, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 1973-1975, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma 1975-1978, Eielson AFB, Alaska 1978-1981.
Was a medic for seven for the eleven years while in the service, I crossed trained into the Optometry field for the last fours years. I then got out of the Air Force then went to Austin, Tx there I tried Optometry, the grocery business then vinyl siding and general construction for a while. Even bad jobs were hard to come by in l986 in Tx, the oil boom had bottomed out! Then I went to Goldsboro, NC, yes Virginia there really is a Goldsboro, tried the retail business for a while then back to hanging "steel" for a while, then I decided I was getting too old to use my body to make a "living" at 6.00/hr I went back to school and got my RN degree. I graduated from Wayne Community College in 1991, worked in the Oncology ward caring care of terminal cancer and Aids patients for six years, then tried the Home Health field for about three years was an Hospice Nurse too, then back to Wayne Memorial Hospital now I have been on the Medical-Surgical Unit for two years and am back in school finishing my BSN, then maybe on to Nurse-Practitioner, we'll see. I have been married three times 8, 6, years and I am working on 11 years with my lovely wife Beth, we were married June 1990. I have two sons from my first marriage Larry born Jun 1975 and Anthony born Jan 1977; one son Francis born Jul 82 from my second and Sarah with my last marriage born May 1992. I also have a step-son Phillip born Jan 1987. I presently live in Goldsboro, NC with my wife Beth go to school part-time and work full-time and we are enjoying whatever the Lord may bring day by day! Feel free to contact me would really enjoy hearing from other Alumni of ACS. Phone 919-734-7337, email: or snail mail: Donald E. Payne 401 Earl Drive, Goldsboro, NC, 27530.

PEDERSEN(PFEIFFER), TERRY(73-75)-My brothers (Chris and Steve) and I all went to ACS for about two years- 1973- to 1975. I graduated there, the boys went back to the States with my parents and eventually went on to college there. (UC Santa Cruz)(Chris was a drummer with "Camper Van Beethoven" and "Monks of Doom", then married and lives with his wife and their two boys in Australia. Steve plays a lot of music, travels around the world and lives north of S.F. Cal.) After studying dance in London I worked for about ten years as a Ballet dancer in various companies in Germany; married a Viennese actor, and our daughters were born in '89 and '91. We now live in Germany and

PERIDAKI, IRINA(82-83)-After graduating from ACS, I went to the States and got my Hotel & Restaurant Management Degree. Have worked mostly abroad, started in Jordan were I was born, then to England and Dubai (UAE). In April 2005 I decided to come back to Greece and give it a chance. Have found a job (loving it) and starting to get settled. I am still single and looking & hoping to connect with friends from school.

PETERSON(STAMIS), SUSAN(65-68)- After graduating from ACS in 1968, I attended Pierce College (now Deree) for 2 years. I moved to LA in 1970, where I worked in banking until my marriage in 1977 to Angelo Stamis. We live in Las Vegas, work in the gaming industry, and I continue to dabble with paints and brushes. We have 3 children; Barbara (UCSB), Jeremy (OSU), and Joseph (high school sophomore); all beautiful, of course. I've found 3 dear friends through this website and learned of the loss of another. 30 years have flashed by in a heartbeat...

PETROPOULAKIS(REA), NORA-(70-78)-I graduated College of the Ozarks (finally) in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and I am certified to teach 7th-12th grade English. I currently am working at a private non-profit agency called Youth Bridge. It is a state agency located only in Arkansas. I work in the Harrison, Arkansas office. Our main offices are in Fayeteville, Arkansas. I enjoy what I am doing. I am the Volunteer Coordinator and I find volunteers to work with the students that need tutoring. We are just now starting a mentoring program, much like the Big Brother Big Sister program. I work with the junior high a lot. Convenient--it's right across the street from our office. That's work.
I have been married (15 years in April '98) and we have 2 girls together--one will
be 13 in a week and the other one is 9 and a half. I also have a son from a previous marriage (my high school sweetheart no less) and my son is 18 years old. He is a senior this year and still trying to figure out his life (as most teenagers). My e-mail address is youth@oztech home address: 4902 Ropers Lane, Harrison, AR 72601. My phone # is 870-741-3147 I would love to hear from any ACS alumni.


PHILLIP, PAUL(?-89)- After college, and a few years in the USAF, I am working in the private sector as a Senior Programmer/Analyst for Georgia-Pacific in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. If anyone knows the whereabouts of any CLASS OF 1989ers, send me an email of their info. so I can touch base with them about a reunion next year. My email address is My mail address is: 1466 Rockcut Rd. Apt P3, Forest Park, GA 30297

PIETY(MYERS), CARLA(?-76)-I graduated in 1976 from ACS and then attended the University of Florida for 3 years.  I then moved to Chico, California and started working for a small commuter airline and went to Chico State University for 2 years (still haven't got my degree).   I then moved to Los Angeles for 2 years and then transferred to Minneapolis where I met my husband, Don.  After a brief sojourn in Seattle, we moved to Memphis in 1989.   I have worked for Aircraft Parts Int'l since coming here mostly doing purchasing, some sales and now doing a little bit of everything, mostly inventory control.  We have two daughters, Kristy, who will be six in December and Laura who just turned 4.   I'm currently putting my husband through college, so who knows where we will end up when he's done.  I would love to hear from any ACS alumni.  My e-mail is

PIETY, JOHN(75-77)- My other brother, John (attended 75-77) is living in Tacoma.   He's married to Lynn and has two step-children, Ed and Shawn.  He works for Boeing.

PIETY, MIKE(?-77)-    He's in the army, stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC.  He's marrried to Lisa and has two children, Benjamin, 16 and Hollyann, 10. Email

POORE, PAUL(Mid-80's) English Dept Head- He is in Napal now and going to Zimbadwee this summer.

POULIDES, PETER(?-72)- Graduated ACS 1972 Graduated North Texas State University 1976 (major in Radio/TV/Film, minor in Graphic Arts) Worked as Educational TV producer for 4 years. Went full time as freelance photographer in 1980. Shot for national magazines and corporate clients for about 15yrs. Since 1996 have been shooting for the stock photo market. Now getting involved in commercials and special effects photography.  Divorced in 1996. Have two children: Nicholas, 5 and Zoe 3. Joint custody.

PREKEZES, JOANNE(?-88)- I'm a youth advisor at our church, and one of the kids had an '80s day a couple of weeks ago and wanted to know what we dressed like back then, so I brought my ACS yearbook. It's ironic that I received your postcard within days of explaining to a bunch of teenagers what it was like to go to high school in Greece. As for me, I graduated from Loyola Universty in '94 with a BBA in Personnel Management. I spent my junior year abroad in Rome, where I got to travel all over Europe. After graduation, I managed for Disney, (in their retail operations) for a couple of years, and have now decided to go back to school. I'm currently a post-bac student at Loyola, and I'm hoping to get a Masters or PhD in Pediatric Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. As I mentioned before, I'm a youth advisor at Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church as well as a volunteer at Rush Presbyterian North Shore Hospital.

RAFTOPOLOU(BERGIN), MARY(74-77)- Graduated in '77. Singing and music, in general were my passions (and still are) Attended one year at Duree-Pierce then transeferred to a Liberal Arts College in Portland, OR graduating with a B.S in Music Education/vocal performance. In '81 married a wonderful guy. Have four children ages 11-19 (as of 2003) I teach general music, band and choir in an elementary school in Oregon City, OR and love it! I try to get to Greece every summer. Am very much wanting to reconnect with some old buddies. Please write:)

RAO, SRIKANTH(91-93)- I am currently studying my Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pune, India. I expect to graduate in 1999.

READMAN, MIKE(?-81)- After graduating from ACS in 1981, I returned to Canada and proceded to try my hand at almost everything I could think of. My friend recently commented that I was a blue collar Renaissance man. I worked for a few years as a driller in an open pit coal mine, I have been a carpet installer, a windshield repair person, a construction worker, a tow truck driver, an office worker, a pizza delivery guy, a salesperson, and a truck driver. None of these things satisfied me, so I went back to school in 1992 and now I am a teacher at the local middle school in Dawson Creek, B.C., Canada. I recieved a BA in 1995 from the University of Northern British Columbia and acquired my secondary teaching certificate shortly after that. I have taught Socials 11, Humanities 9 and 10, Math 9, Core 8, and Outdoor Ed. I met my partner, Glenda Harcourt, in 1990 and we were married a year later in Dawson Creek. She is a psychiatric nurse, running a psych day program at our local hospital. We have two sons, David and Mark, born in 1994 and 1995. Although we are somewhat isolated geographically from most ACS alumni, we would love to hear from any of you. My e-mail address is

REARDON(THEODOS), MELISSA(73-76)- : I attended 7th and 8th grades at the Middle School. My dad was military and we lived in the Glyfada area. After leaving Greece in 76 we moved to Louisiana. I graduated High School in 80 and married in 81. I was married for 13 years and had 3 wonderful children. I divorced in 95 and remarried in 96. My husband Sean Theodos and I had a son in 1999. I now have 4 kids, Tarah (15) an honors student in high school, Skylar (10)he loves baseball, Peyton (7) she loves cheerleading, she is an "A" honor roll student and beauty pageant winner, and Brennan (2) a precious baby. My husband Sean is a sales rep for a food company locally. I am working on my degree in art education. I would love to hear from old friends, especially Marc Papageorge, Kiki Huygulen, Plenio S. Bryant III, Brian Murray, Sylvia Corkey, Melissa Rel... or anybody!!

REES, TERRY(?-61)-  
Chronological history since graduating from AA in '61: Flunked out of pre-med at Wm & Mary in Va., escaped to the Army for a loooong 2 years 10 months 19 days in Alabama and Okinawa, got an aeronautical engineering degree and commercials pilots license at Embry-Riddle in Florida, was an avionics engineer at Douglas Aircraft in California, spent 11 years in Alaska traveling the bush working for Air Force and FAA, married in 1977, no kids (but two dogs), have been in Seattle working for FAA since 1984. Have been to Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Jakarta in the past several years, with a trip to Madrid coming up. Am currently going through the sadness of a divorce, but very eagerly looking forward to retirement on May 19, 2000 (if I have any money left), whereupon I hope to move to a warm beach and bodysurf the remainder of my days away.

REIBE, REINA(?-81)- I am currently living in Sacramento, California. My younger brother, Harry Riebe, also attended ACS. He lives in San Diego and works for Parsons engineering, but is currently being sub-contracted by The World Bank to oversee an engineering project in Russia.(He finished his degree at CSU San Diego in Civil Engineering and has recently passed his PE Test.) I am currently teaching 7th /8th grade. I hold a K-12 Multiple Subject Credential. I attended CSU Sacramento and received my BA in Com Studies. Later, I went back to school & completed my MS in
Education. I'm still in contact with many of the alumni who attended ACS in the late 70's to the mid 80's. As a matter of fact, we get together every few years for a reunion of sorts here in the states. Our last get together was just this summer. A small group of us took a cruise from Los Angeles, down the coast of Mexico, and back again. The Lemon Brothers ('83?) also host an Annual Lamb Roast in Colorado. All former ACS students are welcome. Several of us are already planning a trip back to Greece for the Olympics.

RHODES(SAULTERS), KATHERINE(91-93) Profile: I'm a Office Manager/Treasurer of A & J Howco Services, Inc. and have been sinch August of 1994. I have a daughter that was born 12/21/94. I married her father Wesley Saulters in 10/23/99. I graduated from South Plains College in 1998 with an accounting degree.

RICE, JULIE(?-72)-  Julie married Chuck Miller and lives in the Chapel Hill area.

RICE, JOSEPH(71-74) - Left ACS to Eureka CA. Now a Test Conductor/Flight Test Engineer for NGC on the Global Hawk program out of Edwards AFB.

RISTICH(KAISER), MELISSA (70-75)Graduated from Lewis and Clark College in '79. Moved back to CA and became a bilingual elementary school teacher. Taught for 11 yrs. in San Francisco. Married George Kaiser in 1985. We have three great kids, Emily 18, Hannah 14, Austin 12. George owns a landscape maintenance company, I work part time in our neighborhood elementary school. My mom Sophia (88 yrs) just moved in with us.

RUSSELL, BILL(?-64)- Where are all the old timers ?? Following graduation I attended the University of Arkansas, entered the Army for two years, served a year in Vietnam, went back to graduate school , married, had two daughters, went to work as a Video Producer for the University of Arkansas. Also Free lance as On-Camera talent for commercials in Memphis, Little Rock, and New Orleans markets and a couple of bit speaking roles in movies filmed in Arkansas. Divorced in 1990, married again in 1992, and will soon retire from the Army Reserve. I miss all my classmates and only know of one from Class of 1964-Steve Mish...He retired from Air Force after a distinguished career including a stint with the Thunderbirds. He is now a Pilot with Delta Airlines and I've been told he lives near Denton, Texas. Still trying to contact him. Also I think Coach George Demertges still lives in New Jersey. Have written but no response. Would love to hear from any other classmates!!

RUSSO, RON-(?-?)- Ron is married and lives in the Houston area.  He is very active in sports officiating.

SABA, DAVID(72-73)-I have great memories of Greece.I only attended ACS for two years. My brother Scott and I entered ACS the beginning of our sophmore year. My Dad transfered back to the states at the end of our junior year.I graduated from Judson High School in San Antonio. I attended Texas Tech University and graduated with an BS Accounting. Worked for awhile in San Antonio for a CPA firm. In 1989 I moved to Canton,Ohio to work for my uncle's accounting firm.It took me 10 years to realize it sucks to work for relatives.In 1990 I started my own accounting practice David B. Saba CPA,537East Maple St., North Canton, Ohio 44720. In 1989 I married a local girl Amy. I have a stepson Tristan 16, and Amy and I have another son named David Ian. My brother Scott works with me.I hung around alot with Paul Voudouris, whom I am trying to get in touch with. I remember alot of folks because the school was like a big family, I have fond memories. Anyone who remembers me please drop me a line


SAVALAS(TOWNSEND), KATHERINE(73-75)- I would love to hear from some old friends from ACS. Write to me at . Some names I remember from the alumni list are Kristen and Mark Coor, Carmen Gailey, Lynn Connelly, Mike Athanason, Chris Spheeris.

SCARLIS, ALEXANDER(93-96)- Currently a Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) sophomore studying television journalism and acting.

SCHULDASKI, ERNIE(?-73)- Guess I'll start out by updating everyone on who I've bumped into from ACS in this small world. I saw Matt Econopouly and Mike Barry in the summer of '72 after graduation. Saw Pete Christ a little later that year. I wonder if he's still bitching about a small phone bill I left behind ? Had to use the phone to let Katrina Meinhardt know when I'd arrive in Fairfax Va. I lost touch with her but I think she moved to New Orleans and tied the knot. Oct. '72 I enlisted in the USAF and the world got smaller. As I was standing against a wall in the San Antonio airport waiting to be indoctrinated into basic training, I looked across the room and saw Bob Rusk. I enlisted in Wilkes-Barre Pa. and he in New Orleans. Four months prior to this we were both riding the same school bus to ACS. On that first night at basic training while the sergeants where screaming at us I know we both had the same thought as everyone else, "What the hell did I get myself into?" I only saw Bob two or three more times after that so who knows where he is.
Six months later the world shrunk again. By this time I was stationed at Langley AFB in Hampton, Va. It was May'73 and I walked into a shoe store and across the counter I saw
a familiar face but could not believe it. I asked "Where did you go to school ?" and Robyn Rimm replied "The same place you did Ernie! " I saw her once after that but lost touch with her. Also at Langley I saw John Perry , later in '73 in Culpeper, Va. I saw our asst. director Julie from the American Club Youth Center. I cannot remember if her last name was Harris or Hill (give me a break it's been 20+ years(
Try Kelly-The Ed).Next, I don't remember if it was in'75 or '76 we got together at Tyson's Corners Va. With Chuck Katsirubas (Poncho) for those who remember. WE meaning my brother David and Mike Calder. A sad note for those who knew my brother. David died July 1st 1977.
Later in '77 I literally "bumped" into Greg Turner, Chris Turner's younger brother at Sheppard AFB, Tx. I talked with Chris via phone and she and I think, (don't quote me)Betsy Neil were in New England(
Betsy was in Beloit, Wisconsin…Is that considered New England?…The Ed.) somewhere at college. I heard a rumor that Tina Leo had gotten married and her husband was also stationed at Sheppard. AFB I kept an eye out for her but never saw her. Back in '82 or'83 I talked via phone with Doug Gilliam. He was in Reston, Va. and lost track of him until Mike Calder told me he's still there.
Mike's also the one who informed me about the "Site" I guess now you're wondering what I've done with my life, well here it goes. I was once told that somewhere in the world there would be that perfect someone, well we met eight years ago. Her name is Adele and she's the best thing that ever happened to me. We live up here in God's country in the rolling hills of Falls, Pa. One of those out of the way places that we share with our 2 dogs, 2 cats, Ball python, deer, bears, wild turkeys, grouse etc., Adele, myself, and her little boy John, well not so little. He's 15 yrs. old stands 6ft. 5in. and outweighs me by 10 lbs. He loves his quads and bikes. Since I've met Adele I've calmed down a bit so I must relinquish my title of Ouzo king. We do like nature's herbs though. Or should I say " Flying without a plane."
As to my career I'll do it by years. '72 to '76 USAF Precision Photo Systems Recon & Intelligence '76 to '78 BioMedical Equipment Repair '78 to '80 Industrial Electronics '80 to '94 Consumer elec.(TV,VCR,CD's,Camcorders,Audio) Free tips available at my E-mail address '94 to'96 Got my CDL and drove BIG trucks '96 to early '98 Police, fire, county, and private 2 way radio repair. Early '98 to present Electronic Engineer Research & Development for Pride Health Care Inc. Any Job Offers? Well if this update helps anybody in any way I'm glad to have helped. There is an open invitation to our house to any of my friends. Please E-Mail for reservations. We're off I-81 about 10 miles / will send directions, and remember; They can't live in our world, but we can live in theirs.

SIMON, RICK(67-70-)-
Bachelor's in Economics, Master's in Quality Assurance Engineering. Certified as C.Q.M. I'm Process Improvement Manager (Quality Manager
kinda' thing) at BellSouth Telecommunications in Atlanta. Post "Blues Period" music activities include 25+ years of night club, concert, recording with local bands, Tucson Symphony, George Benson, Tower of Power, War, Laurindo Almeida and anyone who has work without needing to rehearse. My wife of 18 years is a piano teacher, and I've a french horn daughter and a violin daughter.

I have addresses for Randi (Simon) Simon-Serey in Dayton, Ohio (graduated ACS in '69), Garry Simon in Laguna Beach, California (would have been class of '73)- both with the same dates as mine. Also, Andria (McKinzie) Clouse (class of '70) in Shreveport, Louisiana and Chris Zenos (class of '69) in Atlanta. I think Thom Wade (class of '70) is back in Colorado Springs and Denny Lord (class of '70) is an attorney in Nashville.

SIOTIS, CHRIS(?-74)- Chris married Pam Martin and they live in the Houston area.  Chris is an auditor for one of the major oil companies.

SMITH DWIGHT G(1953-58) We called it Anglo-American High School back then, and I attended 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. My copy of the 1955 Evzone includes pictures of us 6th graders. The seniors that year included Alison Kent, Babs Thompson, and June McBride. Mrs. Hatchett was our 6th grade teacher but others included her husband William, Mr. Banani, the librarian Mrs. Dickie (my favorite), Mrs. Standish. Some of my friends were Anne MacPhearson, May and Tony Capsaskis, and Patty Gillette, among others. As for myself, a doctorate in biology from BYU and a professorship here at Connecticut State Univ for the past 30 years. Three marriages and two kids and no desire to retire. Looking back, I treasure those years at AAHS/ACS---I think that we all did, really---we were a close-knit little group and we all had a wonderful time there. Sure would like to hear from some of my old friends. Please look me up in the old Evzone for 1955----I am the shy guy standing off a little to the right, front row for Sixth Grade I. E-mail me at Very best to all.

SNYDER, RICHARD(83)- I graduated in 1983 and came back home to sunny California. In 1986 I became a firefighter for my home town of Sierra Madre. I've been the the Fire Marshal now for 10 years. I'm married with 1 step daughter (5) and live in Pasadena. Carrie, My twin, is doing well and lives close by.


SPARTIN, PETER(?-95)-I'm a junior at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, studying Environmental Engineering.

SPENCE, HOLLY M(79-81)- I lived in Kifissia and hung out with Molly McCarthy, Mary Elise Smitherman, Kim Gerwig and several others. I am currently employed as a paralegal at a prominent Alabama defense firm located in Birmingham Alabama. Of all the wierd and most unlikely places to run into someone from ACS after 16 years...the local gym in podunk Alabama. I heard someone calling my name and low and behold it was Melinda Vejar (now Defalco). It was great seeing her, she hadn't changed a bit. Would be interested in hearing from anyone re: the old days. Nothing compares to it. Am planning a return trip in Spring or Summer '01.

SPHEERIS, CALLI(69-70)-What a fabulous year 1969-1970 at ACS andI miss everybody. I am an architect living in Milwaukee. My sons are Alexander (b. 1990) and Kosta (b. 1995). Brother Chris is still in Sedona, and John is now in Thailand.

Chris lives in Sedona, AZ and will update us as soon as he gets back from Greece(I believe he was going to do that about 13 years ago- The Ed).  He has a number of very successful CD's(Some of which he collaborated with Paul Voudouris on) out which he gave to me to keep me company on my long drive back east.

SPHEERIS, JOHN(1969-70 and 1972-73)- After graduating from ACS in 1973, I earned a law degree from the University of Wisconsin. Soon thereafter I fled the legal profession to work for IBM. I now live in Shorewood, Wisconsin and write financial software for Thomson-Reuters, Inc. My wife May and I have an awesome 2 year-old daughter Angela, who is learning Thai from her mother, English from her father and even a little Greek from her yaya. My email is

STAMBOLIS, NATASHA(?-78)-  Currently living NYC and working with Bulgari Jewlers.

STAMOS, ANGELA-  Angela married Nicholas Econopouly and the live in Rio Rancho, NM.  She has set up a studio in their house and she creates beautiful pottery.

STANDIFER, DAVID(72-74)- After graduation from ACS I went to Canyon, TX and West Texas State University for 1 year then transfered to East Texas State University where I ran crosscountry and track. I graduated in 1978 and began my teaching and coaching career. I have been a head basketball coach, head tennis coach and currently coach football and am the Head Track coach at San Marcos High School in San Marcos, Texas. This year I have one of the best long jumpers in the USA in high school. I have had fun coaching him the past four years.
In 1993 I coached in San Antonio and met my wife Vicki the summer of 93. We were married the next spring break. We have one daughter-Kathleen. I have been very blessed with these two beautiful people in my life. I keep in touch with several members of the class of 74 and thanks to e-mail-I keep in touch a lot more.
Bill Harper keeps pressuring me to become a head football coach-so I have applied for one somewhere in Texas. If it becomes a reality I will publish it.
I now live in Arlington, Texas and I am in my last year as the Head Track Coach at North Crowley High school in Ft. Worth. I am retiring at the end of this year after 31 years as a teacher/coach. I plan to go to work for a college in the fall. My wife Vicki and daughter Kathleen are doing great. Hard to believe that I have a 13 year old. Hope to travel back to Greece in the near future.
My e-mail address is:

STECKLER(ROSENTHAL), TAMMY(1973-74)- I went to the Univ. of Delaware, studied psych. Married a great guy(Amir)and moved into Manhattan where I went to NYU for my MSW. We live in Ct.(11yrs) with our 2 boys, Josh-11, and Matthew-9. I'm in private practice doing psychotherapy, and currently in an analytic training program.

STEWART, GEORGE(71-75)- I graduated ACS in 1975,left Greece in Jan. 76. Move to Charleston S.C. where I worked at Cummins Engine Co. until 89. I am currently working at a paper mill as a millwright in the Savannah GA. area for the last 17 years. I have three daughters two step daughters. I treasure those years at ACS, it was quiet and experience that I cannot forget.

STILES, BRIAN(?-85)- PH# (405)447-8128 I live in OKC, OK. and I am an Engineer for Arvin Industries. Marci.R.Stiles-1@OU.EDU

STONE, DAN(80-84)- After graduating in 1984, I attended the State University of New York at Maritime College where I received a BS in Marine Transportation and a License to sail in the Merchant Marine. After working in New York City for three years (while in school and after graduating) at Adweek Magazine and McGraw Hill Publishing as a systems supervisor I went to sea as a Licensed Deck Officer. During that period I got married in Annapolis, MD and moved to Savannah, GA. Once in Savannah we had a girl and a boy and have been here for about 5 years. I retired from sailing deep sea (after 7 years) and am currently working at the Georgia Ports Authority as a Stevedoring Superintendent.

STONE, MARK E(66-69)Ursaline School I attended Urseline from second through fourth grade. Went on to live in U.S. and Taiwan. Graduated University of Virginia with a Foreign Affairs degree in 1981. Currently working in banking in North Carolina, U.S. Currently married with four children, Josh 1/21/85, Alex 5/20/91, Ashelynn 4/4/96 and Nathaniel 12/1/98.

Graduated American Academy in 1968. Living in Greece was a very exciting time for me-I truly could have stayed forever. However, I returned to the States, went to school and over the years I accumulated a Nursing degree (RN), a business degree(Management and Personnel) and a Master's in Public Health (Health Policy and Management). At one point I owned a tavern as well as being the professional recruiter at a large medical center. The last years of nursing found me working in adolescent and child psychiatry. I have just retired and my husband and I are writing a book. Al will retire from law enforcement (28 years) anytime now and we are planning to travel and just bum around for a bit. An auto accident impacted my ability to workout/run but I walk for exercise. My husband is an old marathon man and runs daily. Our daughter is 23 and having fun! We are too young to be old!!

STRICKLAND, ALLEN(83-85)- I attended ACS from approximately 83-85. While there I made several good friends, some I have kept in contact with some I have not.



TAVANTZIS, TOM(66-68)- Living in Wayne, PA since 1986 after getting my doctorate from SUNY Albany. Work at Saint Joseph's University. I direct and teach in the Organizational Psychology programs. Also direct research and e-course development for first responders on Psy Aspects of Terrorism, etc. Been married since 1981 to my lovely Irish Catholic wife, Martha, 3 children (Eleni,'81, twin boys Naoum & Bill, '86). We return to Greece each summer for 3-4 weeks usually by teaching a University course or running our consulting company's annual 4 day Executive Leadership Retreat/Seminar in Aliki, Paros.

THOMAS, MICHAEL(April 1969-October 1971). What a time in history!
Though graduating (1974) after a return to the states in November 1971, my time at ACS and living in Nea Kifisia remains in the best of my memories. As most, a scattered youth, (navy brat)I ultimately wound up in 13 different schools in my twelve years. I now reside in Silver Spring, Maryland, with the love of my life, Jodie Beth. It's been a long haul to happiness and security, but now is the best time of my life.
As I write this, I am home since 8/05 with a significant back injury; pending surgery June 2. Hope things get back to normal afterward. I have found it funny in a way that a lot of alum that are accounted for are from the '68-'74 time frame. Special.
Jodie and I are most passionate about our elephants and their continued conservation. Our 'real' baby is a fella named Kandula, born to the National Zoo 11/25/2001.

THANOS, JAMES W(60-67)- After graduating from Johns Hopkins University in 1971, I moved to London to begin a career in high tech. I lived in London for 8 years and married Christine Budd, an Englishwoman, in 1978. We then moved to San Francisco from 1979-1982, and then to Darien, Ct. where we lived for 6 years. During that time, we had 3 children-Jessica, 19, Matt, 18, and Nicola, 15. We moved back to the Bay Area in 1988 and have been here since. I retired in June, 2002 after 31 years in the high tech business. I currently sit on 4 software boards and 2 advisory boards. Apart from that, I attend all of my kids' events, and manage to play tennis or squash virtually every day

THEOCHAROPOULOS, ANDREW(76-80)-  I graduated ACS in 1980. I'm now married, living in NYC and working as an engineer for the TV Food Network. You already have my e-mail address.

TILIGADAS, ALEX(89-92)- My brother is also an ACS alumnus, his name is Nick Tiligadas and he attended from 88 to 91. Right now we're both attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York (I'm a junior, he's a senior)

TRATARIS, BERTHA(?-74)-  Bertha lives in Paris. 

TRATARIS, NICK(?-75)- Nick lives outside of Los Angeles.

Tsolias(Apergis), Maria(83-90)-I attended ACS fm 1983 to 1990. Now I'm married with a 5 year old son. I work in a Shipping Company Since 1990. I miss ACS and all my friends, Specially Cleor Apergis (Class of 90'). I also miss Mr.Dimtza,Mr.Aggelonids,Mr.Pisanias. My son will probably be attending ACS next year.

Trueblood, Debbie(71-74)- El Paso,TX Mar74-Jul74, Akron,OH Jul74-Jan76, El Paso,TX Jan76-Nov90, Dallas,TX Nov90-present. Travel industry.

TSONTAS(?-81)- I graduated in 1983.  I live in NY and we are about 10 people from ACS who still hang out from time to time

TSOUMBA, ELENI(78-82)- Studied Law at the University if Athens...wasn't crazy about it. Worked for Alphabank for 5 years and since 1993 at HypoVereinsbank Athens where I'm now Supervisor of the Trade Finance Dept. Greatest achievenment was having a beautiful daughter, Avyi, in 1991!

TUTSCH, PETER(73-74)- Peter lives in Northern Germany and has set up his own practice in physical therapy.

TZORTZATOS, PETER(77-84)-  I am a graduate of the class of 84. I had attended ACS from 1977 (6th Grade - Middle School when the school still sponsored little league baseball and football teams; When John Vassiliou was our PE assistant and Rony Seikaly had the height I have today. Your memories probably go a little further back but to the gang from those years (the immigration retrieval years we call them) it brings goosebumps. Anyway, we still get together with the gang to this date (20 years later)