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Nicholas Econopouly
August 4, 1924- December 11, 1999

12/12/99- John Colombotos

My heart goes out to Angela; to Matthew, Cindy, David, and James; to Gus and John; and to those others of you who also loved Nick.

Although I was not as closely related to Nick as you were--we were after all only first cousins--I do lay claim to having known him longer than any of you, even longer than you, Gus, for as you well know, I am your elder (by a good solid 10 days). But beyond that, Nick was--to coin a phrase--like a brother to me, especially since I did not have a real brother, or a sister, for that matter.

When Lois and I last saw Nick, barely two months ago, he talked openly about his impending death--with acceptance and without self-pity and about how thankful he was for having lived long enough to celebrate his 75th birthday. He never expected, he said, to live that long. He compared the uncertainty he felt about the outcome of his earlier bout with prostate cancer---with the certainty of his impending death.

He was at peace. .

Bluster, theatrics, posturing, pretense --these qualities were not in Nick's playbook.
Honesty, directness, and understatement --these qualities were in Nick's playbook.

And his wry one-liners:

One day Nick and I were musing about being in a situation in which one had to choose between going to sleep or having sex......Sleep is more elusive, he chuckled.

Nick was not demonstrative in expressing his affection--until in recent years. We usually greeted each other with a firm hand-shake. But when we said Good-bye for the last time two months ago-- we hugged each other. I had also noticed that he was being more demonstrative with other people he loved.
Nick was big brother (in the benign sense) not only to Gus and John, but to me as well. Memories gush forth:

--in a summer in the mid-1930's in Canisteo in upstate New York , where I lived--the memory of Nick admonishing Gus and me for teasing little brother John .(That was the summer when Gus broke his arm falling off a swing--and when Nick and I tumbled down a hill head over heels running away from what we imagined to be a rattling rattle snake.

--in the summer of prewar 1941 when the Econopoulys lived at 25 Notre Dame Avenue in Hicksville the memory of Nick breaking up a fist-fight between Gus and me (we were 12 years old)

--in the early fifties in my parents' living room in New York City--the memory of how Nick reassured me that it was OK that I had decided not to go into the priesthood. God and people live in different places, he said. God was "up here" (raising his hand above his head) and people were "down here." (Dropping his hand down to his chest).

--everywhere since the late 40's--memories of long discussions about: capitalism, Communism, labor unions, civil rights, Nixon, the Kennedy's, Reagan, education, big business, small business, business ethics, medical care, politics in Greece, life in Greece, other things about Greece and on, and on, and on. These discussions had as much to do with forming my social and political views--and my identity as a liberal- as any other experience in my life.

Nick must have been an incredibly inspiring teacher.

I will miss him.
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