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Nicholas Econopouly
August 4, 1924- December 11, 1999

My father, Nicholas Econopouly, taught social studies for thirty years, and he inspired in his students the desire to learn about, and improve, our surroundings. He was serious about life, although his evening cocktail brought out his joyous side, and like men of his generation, he did not portray feelings of tenderness. But I'll always clearly remember one rare occasion in Athens when, during my teen distress, he put his arm lovingly around me.

My father got cancer when he reached his seventies. He made phone calls, and sought alternative means to conquer it. He improved his diet and his lifestyle. He raised the awareness of his fellow patients, starting support groups. He also fought to do what he's always done: Raise the consciousness of the "authorities," the medical professionals who attended him.

After many years of post-diagnosis action, my father reached the end in December. His last words, to his wife, were "I love you." He's gone now, but because of him, the world is a better place. And when I think about him now, I feel the radiation of his joy because his arm is ALWAYS lovingly around me.

Cindy Econopouly Soehner
Chapel Hill, NC
March 2000

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