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Nicholas Econopouly
August 4, 1924- December 11, 1999

12 December 1999 Bob Tripp

Thoughts About Nick Econopouly

Nick hated answering machines. So, whenever he phoned us and Our answering machine came on, we always knew it was Nick not only because of his marvellous, distinctive voice, but because of the nature of the message. My favorite was the one when, at the start one heard a long, plaintive "oy .....sigh.....I'll call when there is a real person to talk with…..sigh….." Then click--a gentle click, to be sure.

I know that for some folks Nick could be difficult. But for me, Nick was not just a very dear friend--he was a brother, a teacher, a mentor. Would you believe that in nearly 40 years of being friends with Nick I can never once remember our having angry words. We must have at some time. I mean, even good friends and spouses who love each other dearly have difficult times occasionally. But if Nick and I did, I honestly cannot recall it. Perhaps it is my selective memory,

For most of us who knew and loved Nick it Would take volumes to describe incidents, events, conversations drinking bouts. Ah, yes, Drinking,, During my first year at Northport, I often drove Nick home on my way home after school, At least two or three times a week he would ask me in for a drink. Now I was not much of a hard liquor man, then or now--although I am a bit better now (if drinking more is better ... ). Anyway, the first time I can remember stopping for a drink, he offered me a bourbon with ice, I asked if I could have water in it. "Water!" he said. "If you went water in a bourbon, you can go in the kitchen and get some yourself,"' So I did. But in time I found that straight bourbon on the ice was really good now I do not want to mislead anyone. Though Nick could hold more liquor with the fewest apparent bad effects than anyone I ever knew, he did not try to get me drunk. He just wanted me to relax. And others, And he did relax me--and others. He had a way of disarming people anyway. Big as he was, he was mostly gentle-at least that is how I experienced him as a friend and how his students experienced him,

Nick was also very funny. I mean, he could pop up with a funny comment anytime. And he had a delicious sense of irony. The irony of the human condition and of various events. And he had a minus zero tolerance for phony people and for bullshit of any kind.

For whatever is left of my life, Nick will always be with me. The last time I talked with him was about 10 days before he died (we kept in frequent phone and letter contact over the years). We always shared tales of our lives at the moment, of the families, kids, etc. And when 10 days ago I said that my work with the UU Partner Church Council was getting too much -too many egos to cope with-and that I would not keep doing the job after June, Nick said-"so quit now. The need you more than you need them...but then, I know you, you won't ... "

I am starting to ramble. Bad sign. I so wish I could have seen him if only for a few moments, before he died. I was about 6 hours late. Nick was one in a million, I count it one of the great honors of my life that he was my friend. Wherever we all go from now on, that can never change. I an sorry I cannot be at thg memorial but in spirit I hope I am. May the god of your choice always smile sweetly on you, Nick.



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